Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Twenty

#020: The Power of Deciding

I bet you have a dream, right?  I bet you have something inside of you that you would love to make a reality.

It could be the ultimate family holiday to Disney.  It could be a business that is thriving and that lights you up, makes you a ton of money and gives you that financial and time freedom that you’ve been searching for.  It could be publishing a book, speaking on a stage. It could be anything that’s in your heart, that you desire. Anything that you want to be, do or have.

But maybe it feels like it’s forever at arm’s length.  Well no longer!

Because today I’m going to be sharing with you one key mindset shift that you can use again and again to create your dreams to make them a reality.  It is SO powerful…

It is the Power of Deciding.

Let’s get to it.  Let’s go to the show!



  • Cori explores those times when we want to do, to achieve or to have something… but they kind of seem impossible or out of reach
  • She explains how deciding is the powerful force that propels you to achieve what you really want
  • Cori breaks down what actually happens when you decide to DECIDE!
  • She offers some exciting examples of how deciding has lead to her success and some wins her clients have achieved after choosing to decide
  • Cori talks about the Woo you can sprinkle on that decision to really light it up!!

Show Notes

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