Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Fifty Four

#054: Why Courses Have Failed You (It’s Not Your Fault)

Have you ever bought a course and not finished it?  Yep me too. Several in fact. And maybe, like me that bothered you.  Maybe you felt guilty about having spent good money on something and failed to complete it.  Maybe you even beat yourself up a bit for not showing up for that money you spent. Wishing you could just find the time to get to it.  Feeling the pressure that that course is adding to your already long To Do list.

On today’s show I want us to let you off the hook!  If you bought a course and didn’t finish it, didn’t even open it or didn’t get the results you were hoping for, hear this: it’s not your fault.

I’m going to be sharing the 5 common reasons why courses fail us as mothers and business owners AND sharing some great takeaways to help you to let go of the guilt, make better decisions next time and some really valuable insight if you have your own course or are thinking of creating one.

Let’s get into this topic!  Let’s go to the show.



  • Cori admits to purchasing 7 courses, totalling $698.00 and never completing any of them!!!
  • She reveals that this podcast is for anyone that has purchased a course, created one or intends to create one.
  • Cori digs into 5 different reasons why courses have failed YOU and why you can let yourself off the hook!
  • She provides some takeaways for listeners so that we can be more mindful when purchasing our next courses…or not.
  • Cori offers up this episodes Dash of Woo…letting go of that negative energy!

Show Notes

It is because I am so passionate about this subject of courses failing us that I created this especially for you: Limitless Money

I have had a deep desire to teach you everything I know about how to use your mindset to create money with ease
everything that I’ve learned and do daily and teach my clients to do…
because I don’t like sitting on knowledge
I think you’ll know from this podcast that when I find out how to do something, my first instinct is to teach YOU.

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