Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Eighty Two

#082: Consistency is Queen (If You Want To Bring In More Cash)

Consistency is Queen.  I talk, like only all of the time, about how working on my mindset, my energy, my vibration has been the very thing which has been fundamental to the success I have created so far in my business.  But we can’t just feel good and think empowering thoughts. We must also take action, of course. The Law of Action is every bit as important as the Law of Attraction, after all.

Being consistent with the action I have taken in my business has been the thing which, coupled with the mindset I cultivate, has given me an edge.  I want that edge for you too. You see, I’m not sitting around on a meditation cushion all day. In case you haven’t noticed, we pump out a TON of free, high-value content week in, week out over here at Cori Javid Ltd… and it is the consistency of doing that which has created all kinds of momentum in my business.  And momentum? Yeah that makes BANK, my love.

So on today’s show I want to dive into some of the practical action that you can be taking to help you in your business – namely, getting YOUR incredible content out there – so that you can create your own momentum.  

I want to help you be consistent AF because I know that consistency?  She is indeed queen if you want to bring in more cash.

Ready for momentum and moolah?  Of course you are.

Let’s get to it.  Let’s go to the show.



  • Cori reveals that content might be King BUT consistency is Queen!
  • She figured out how to make this easy (even before building a team) and as ever she wants to share HOW with you.
  • Cori discusses that well-known phrase Know Like and Trust and how consistency helps you to achieve this.
  • She offers THREE practical things you need to nail that consistency.
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo focusses on your solar plexus and momentum.

Show Notes

I’m letting you have both my system AND my strategy, all of it.
No more guesswork, just grab it, find out what I’m doing every week, apply it to your business and get going…
The Consistent AF Mother’s Weekly Content and Marketing Template

Mentioned on the show:

Have you been hanging out with me on Insta stories? I am doing a whole behind the scenes thing on spending money. Money is not a taboo if you’re in my circle… which you are.

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