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EP194: The #1 Thing I See Keeping Women from Making Money in 2021

There’s this really strange phenomenon I’ve been witnessing lately. Well, when you scratch beneath the surface I suppose it isn’t all that strange and it’s likely a very natural fall out from the pandemic.

But it’s strange in that I have never seen this thing crop up so frequently and be the thing keeping so many women from making money. It is specifically a 2021 phenomenon.

If you’re ready for the next money level… or you’ve been wondering why you’ve hit a financial plateau… or you’ve been just feeling a bit “meh” about money… this episode is going to be a must-listen, my love.

Because I have seen this ONE thing sneaking up and keeping women from making more money in 2021 too many times to not bring it into the light so we can all take a good look at it, discard it onto the bonfire of “things that are no longer serving me” before dancing off towards more money and more ease.

Sound like a plan? Thought so.


  • Cori recommends considering how your experience of making money is feeling right now compared to a pre-pandemic time – acknowledge these feelings and remember not to make yourself wrong
  • She explains what this ONE “pandemic hangover” thing is keeping you from moving towards that next level and WHY it has happened for us
  •  Cori shares HOW to overcome this AND why it is so important as growth seeking beings

Show Notes

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