Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Seventy

Growing & Scaling as a Female Entrepreneur with Ceylan Boyce

What holds us back as female entrepreneurs from growing and scaling our businesses? My pal Ceylan is joining us on the show today to help us answer this question. You see Ceylan has a bee in her bonnet about something: the fact that female founders often find it far more difficult to grow and scale their businesses than men.

She and I dive into this conversation as she shares with us what she sees as some of the key skills we need to equip ourselves with as women with businesses if we want to succeed and grow plus we discuss the pitfalls that we can fall pray to.

Also, we talk about pooping our pants.

So there’s that.So join Ceylan and I in this episode as we talk about what holds us back, some of the essential business skills we need to succeed and the difference between struggle and discomfort and how pooping your pants is integral to your success!



  • Ceylan shares her journey from the corporate world where she was just DONE with the office politics, to starting her first business and what caused her to walk away from a very profitable business that she had built from the ground up.
  • Ceylan and Cori look at the growth statistics for female founders and talk about why they think these stats compare poorly to those of male founded businesses and how we must overcome our social and cultural conditioning as women to break the mould and carve out success for ourselves
  • Cori and Ceylan discuss the common things that hold women back from growing and scaling their business and the pitfalls that can cause us to fall into the overwhelm loop or fall out of love with our businesses so that you can avoid them
  • The pair get real about the discomfort of the crucial aspects of business which are key to growth – such as selling and investing – and talk about their own experiences of pooping their pants but how it has been worth it
  • Ceylan shares her insights and tips on a number of key skills that we need to success such as having a strategy that actually fits both our business, but our sector and our stage of business and the art of planning to create growth

Show Notes

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