Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Seventy Five

EP175: Reclaiming the Term “CEO” as a Mother in Biz

CEO. Three little letters that can make you feel pumped up or running in the other direction. Badass Boss Bitch or boring middle aged guy in a grey suit?

On today’s show we’re talking about the term CEO.  I don’t care what you’ve previously believed to be true about this term… I’m here to declare that we are reclaiming this term, my love.  We’re creating our OWN definition.  One that is relevant to us.  One that resonates with us.  One that makes us rise up and RECLAIM this term and make it our own.  Feminine energy style.

How many female CEOs do you know who are kicking ass at business, living their limitless lives and showing up as the kind of mothers they want to be?  I’m guessing not many.

Well, not any more!  That changes, TODAY my love!



  • Cori discusses how you currently might be feeling about this phrase CEO.
  • She gets it, she used to feel the same and had several clients let her know their not-so-complimentary feelings towards this term
  • She has a newsflash that might just shift your perspective on what you’d previously been believing about what it means to be the CEO
  • Cori invites you to look at an important distinction between how you view the term CEO and how you view yourself
  • She brings her all-new definition of what it means to be a CEO as a mother in business and wants you to join her in reclaiming this term for ourselves

Show Notes

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ep 175

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