Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Twenty One

#021: Following Your Joy with Caro Gomez

Vagina trousers.  Did I get your attention?  Great! On today’s show I’m interviewing Caro Gomez, who decided to pursue her passion and launch a fashion brand while raising a family, her mission to empower women through her work.  

We talk about how Caro tried to stifle her dreams for so long until a vision board made her see what she had to do next. We talk about the stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t do something and what we can do instead when our subconscious is trying to keep up small.  We talk about following the joy and how we can pass that on to our kids. We talk about the stories that abound in fashion and creative industries – and heck all over the place – about how we can make great money doing what we love, but how this is a lie. We’re talking about all of this and more. I absolutely loved interviewing Caro, I know you’re going to love her too.

So let’s get to it, let’s go to the show!



  • Caro describes her journey to launching a fashion brand and how she had stifled her dreams for years until one day she decided to do a vision board
  • Cori and Caro encourage listeners to follow the joy and talk about how to pass that on to our children
  • Caro shares a great tip for getting back in tune with those inner desires
  • Cori and Caro call B.S. on the “I don’t have time” myth and Caro describes her experience of time seeming to expand when you’re doing something that really makes you tick
  • Cori asks Caro to tell listeners about her signature “vagina trousers” and what they represent
  • Caro describes how she is using her fashion brand to support feminism and to help women to know themselves better and feel sure of their own power

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