Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Sixty Three

The Biggest Money Mindset Shift I’ve Ever Made

Sometimes we experience a mindset shift so massive that the very ground beneath our feet seems to shift with it. This is what happened to me. There was one HUGE, seismic money mindset shift that completely up-ended my belief system and entirely altered the course of my life.

Sounds quite dramatic, doesn’t it?! It sounds like the start of some kind of Netflix special hehe.

But it really WAS that dramatic.

The impact on my life from this one shift has been nothing short of drastic.

So it seems rude of me not to share, doesn’t it my love? After all, we’re biz besties.

In today’s episode I’m sharing with you what the biggest money mindset shift I ever made was and how it changed EVERYTHING.

Cue dramatic music! Ok, just the regular intro then.



  • Cori starts by setting the scene and describing exactly how she felt, what she believed and what her experience was before this shift happened
  • She shares precisely what this one big money mindset shift was
  • Cori describes how this single money mindset shift changed everything for her: her belief system, her career, her financial freedom and her general well being
  • She talks about how she opted out of the old paradigm and chose to believe there was another way… even before she had any evidence to back it up

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This is it, my love.
This is what I know you’ve been waiting for.


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