Two hundred and fourty four

EP 244: Summer of Abundance: THIS made me a better mother

There’s something that I did first of all to make more money, to create bigger results in my business… but then I realised it was bigger than that and I carried on doing it for ME.  Well, turns out that this thing actually made me a better mother in the process.

I’m willing to have a frank conversation about this, even though I know it could be a little provoking… even though I know it would be easy to take this the wrong way.

Because I know that around here, we get it.  We are here for the unconventional conversations.  We’re here to talk about the WHOLE picture.  We’re here to connect, my heart, my experience to yours.

And because this isn’t an experience I wanted to have for myself, my bank account, my family… With everything I do, it’s about me, you and the ripple effect we can create.

So I’m going there!


  • Cori issues a trigger warning for this episode where she is reflecting on something that has made her feel like she’s doing a better job as a mother
  • She squashes the old narrative that money and motherhood don’t go hand in hand
  • Cori reveals the beautiful side effect of doing the inner work and healing her relationship with money

Show Notes

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