Two hundred and nineteen

EP 219: The TRUTH about why creating balance and sticking with boundaries feels hard

You want it all, right?  But YOUR version of all.  You want to be making great money, you want a thriving business that lights you up and you want more balance.  Time for your business, time for your family… time for YOURSELF.

Well, you SHOULD have it all, damn it.

Here’s the annoying thing: earning money in business isn’t actually complicated (despite what those people marketing to you might want you to believe).  Building your business in a way that supports you both financially and in creating the balance you desire, also… not complicated.

But it CAN feel hard.  I know this.

And I know that if it has been feeling hard and you’ve been starting to wonder if it’s even possible for you, it’s not your fault.

Because people are not talking about the truth about creating balance AND making money at the same time as a mother and a business owner.  So if it has felt like something’s missing, that could well be the case.

Let’s get into that truth today.  The truth about why creating balance and sticking to boundaries feels hard… so that you can stop feeling like more money and more time are forever out of reach.

Because I know one thing for SURE: you DO get to have it all, my love.


  • Cori shares the sticky triggering feelings that come up when we begin to look at putting our boundaries in place
  • She talks about the importance of seeking and accepting support
  • Cori encourages you to consider the “thing behind the thing” (as her coach puts it)!

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