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EP206: This is 40: Asking for What I Need

I’m back with another installment of my This is 40 mini-series and this time I’m talking about something we can find sooooo hard as women - even more so as people-pleasers (anyone else??) - and that is: asking for what we need.

Whoa, do we find that hard. Asking for what we need or – gasp! – what we desire. How very dare we.

But as I’m turning 40 and slowly but surely killing the people pleaser within me and starting to give less fucks about judgement and society’s expectations of me, I’ve been working a lot on my ability to ask for what I need or what I want.

And it PAYS OFF my loves. Not just in the getting of said needed or wanted things. But being able to ask for what we need has huge impacts on our personal lives, our business success… not to mention impacts those small humans hanging around us observing our every move.

So if you want to join my “we ask for what we need and want” crew (catchy group name, I know) you’re going to love this episode.

If you’ve been struggling to prioritise your own needs or wants, this episode will be gold.

Let’s get you what you need!


  • Cori shares some examples of the edgy and often stretchy work she has done to get her needs and desires better met.
  • She confesses to trying to kill off that people pleaser in her but that bitch is hanging on!
  • Cori offers some examples of how to empower yourself, work on your worthiness, and being the best advocate for yourself

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