Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Sixteen

#016: Mum Guilt, Perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome: Letting Go of What Isn’t Serving You with Anya Hayes

Hey loves!  I’m excited to bring you today’s show as I’m talking to Anya Hayes who is, amongst other things, author of the fantastic book The Super Mum Myth.  Anya and I dig into so many great topics, such as Mum Guilt, Perfectionism, Self Doubt, Imposter Syndrome, the list goes on.

But here’s what’s interesting: Anya helps women with postnatal health and well-being and I help women to create success on their terms.  On the surface, our work might not sound like it has a ton in common. But what struck me most from our conversation was just how pervasive these themes are for us as mothers AND business owners and I was reminded once again of how important it is for us to take a holistic view of our lives and businesses because they DO all blend together.  And when we commit to taking care of our health and well-being, whether mentally, physically or both, that can have a beautiful impact across our lives, not just in the one area we might have intended.

So, let’s do it, let’s dig into Mum Guilt, Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome and more! Let’s let go of those things that aren’t serving us and choose a new, more supportive narrative.

Let’s go to the show.



  • Anya talks about her multi-hyphen career and how tragedy and redundancy contributed to her taking leaps into working doing the things that make her feel most alive
  • Cori and Anya discuss imposter syndrome and how it can sometimes be hard for us to own our achievements
  • Anya digs into the topic of striving to be “Perfect Mum”; where the pressure comes from and how to embrace imperfection instead
  • Cori and Anya talk about the importance of providing mothers with tools and strategies that support their mindset and wellbeing which can actually be used realistically within that busy Mum life
  • Anya shares her tips for deciphering true guilt from Mum Guilt and her methods for tackling guilt in a practical way.

Show Notes

Anya is a Pilates instructor, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teacher and author specialising in pre and postnatal health and wellness. Anya is on a mission to empower women with the tools to navigate through the motherhood labyrinth with pelvic floor and sanity intact. She’s the co-author of The Super Mum Myth: Overcome anxiety, ditch guilt and embrace imperfection. Her new book, Pilates for Pregnancy, is out now. Postnatal Pilates publishes with Bloomsbury next year.

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