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EP190: Creating a Legacy of Change with Annie Gichuru

So, you know I talk about creating a Legacy of Abundance, oh only all the time. Well today I want us to talk about a really important aspect of that which we’ve never spoken about before: creating a Legacy of Equity & Inclusion. As mothers we are the gateway to the next generation. Our kids are watching us, absorbing our behaviours and our values and this gives us a really exciting opportunity to shape them positively and pave the way for a more fair, more just society with the next generation.

But while I might be the expert on money mindset for mothers, an expert on diversity, equity and inclusion, I am not. That’s why I am so excited to be joined by DEI expert Annie Gichuru on today’s show.

You’re going to adore Annie. She just has this way of making this work so tangible and so accessible. Yes, even for us busy Mama business owners who already have many demands on our time. Annie has so many great tips and advice for us – no matter our personal situation, stage of business or cultural background – on how we can be bringing a little more intentionality around diversity, equity and inclusion to our personal lives, motherhood and of course business.

You’re going to love her suggestions on doing a personal audit, being mindful of the cultural and racial diversity we expose our kids to, cultivating diversity in the content we consume, how DEI isn’t the corporate box ticking exercise you might have previously thought and how it is relevant to you even if you’re a solopreneur or it’s just you and one assistant and so much more.

Let’s talk about motherhood, business and cultural and racial diversity. Yes, they are all intertwined, my love. And growing an inclusive business, actually starts at home.

  • Cori expresses how important this conversation is and why she decided to bring this episode forward
  • Cori and Annie talk about their personal awakening following the events leading to BLM last year
  • Annie reminds us that as mothers we are leaders in our homes – setting the agendas for our children’s beliefs and values
  • Annie recommends looking at where you are getting your news – are these people just like you or more diverse?!
  • This is not work that is done once and off the list, just like motherhood and mindset work – this is ongoing
  • Annie explains how to be a good ally, standing in solidarity with people of colour

Show Notes

Meet Annie…

Annie Gichuru is the founder of Uplifting Studios, a platform dedicated to
supporting online business owners to build culturally & racially diverse, inclusive and equitable businesses.

Annie is also the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) coach and consultant for
The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she supports trainees and coaches.

She is deeply passionate about representation through a racial justice lens and
is an internationally certified life coach supporting migrant women of colour.

Annie has a FREEBIE for you: How to become a genuine ally & advocate for people of colour

You can also get on the waitlist to Annie’s online program:
REPRESENTED – helping you build a culturally & racially diverse, inclusive and equitable business

You can connect with Annie on Instagram

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