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EP205: This is 40: Ageing

Guess what? I’m turning 40 this month! So I think it’s time we had a chat about ageing. About what it means to be a woman of a “certain age”, how society views us, how we view ourselves and what it means to be older.

I’ll be getting real about trying to find the line for myself between caring too much about how I look and giving precisely zero fucks and letting it all go.  Is it ok to want to look good?  Should we be striving to maintain a youthful appearance?

Essentially, I’m asking wtf is ageing all about?  I don’t claim to have all the answers here, but as I’m reaching this age milestone I’ve been pondering all these things think we should be talking about this more!

So let’s do exactly that.


  • It’s a tripple whammy – Cori is celebrating the biz, the podcast and her 40th birthday this month
  • Cori makes an uncomfortable commitment live on the show regarding using filters!
  • She shares her inside out approach to ageing and what that looks like for her

Show Notes

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