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EP 213: Achieving the Impossible (+ How I Did It) // Your Most Abundant Year Yet Part 2

“You can achieve the impossible!”.  I get it.  That can sound kind of cheesy.  Could be easy to give a little eye roll to that phrase, right?

Because when we think of “the impossible” we can think of things like, I dunno space travel or climbing Everest or something.

But what I’m talking about on today’s episode is the sneaky way we can subconsciously label our dreams as “impossible” and cut ourselves off from the joy of embracing our desires and seeing them manifest.

I know a thing or two about achieving the impossible.  I did it.

I changed my ENTIRE life.  It gives me goosebumps to look back on where I was, how I felt and how my life is now.

I want that for you too, my love.  Whatever it is you REALLY desire (you know, that thing or version of your life that you really want but often don’t even admit to yourself because it seems too, well, impossible?)… I want that to be your REALITY.

I want you to understand just how very possible the impossible can be.

So bring them, bring all your reasons why you feel you can’t do that thing, have that thing etc… let’s knock them down in one fell swoop and open you up to achieving the impossible.

But not only achieving the impossible… but achieving it in a way that feels easeful, aligned and light.  Because that’s how we roll.


  • Cori is here to tool you up with what you need to bring that goal or desire within reaching distance.
  • She shares her story of making it happen to provide you with the evidence you need that it IS possible for you too.
  • Cori talks about the importance of deciding what is possible and opening yourself up to receive the solution.

Show Notes

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