Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Twelve

EP112: The Exact Strategies I Used To Get To 6 Figures

I’ve talked about earning 6 figures before but I will KEEP talking about it and here’s why: when I set that 6 figure goal for myself it felt shrouded in mystery. I felt like 6 figure business owners obviously knew something I didn’t. Obviously they had some magical formula to make it happen.

Of course now, earning 6 figures I know this wasn’t true. The strategies that I used to get me to 6 figures were not complicated at ALL. And you’ll be able to mould these same strategies to suit you and your business. So that’s why I’m letting you behind the scenes on today’s show, I’m peeling back the curtain and telling you all about the exact strategies that I used to get to 6 figures so that you can too.

The world needs more Mamas like us, earning 6 figures, loving our lives and spreading the abundance vibes.

So let’s do it… let’s go to the show.



  • Cori talks about how she used to feel about earning 6 figures and how that’s vastly different to what she now knows to be true
  • She calls you out on how you might have been telling yourself 6 figures isn’t possible for you because she wants you to see that it is
  • Cori shares the exact 5, super simple strategies she used to take her business over that 6 figure mark
  • She tells you how to take each of these and use them to suit your business and your life so that you can hit that 6 figure mark too while living a life you love

Show Notes

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