Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Thirteen

#013: Shouting About Success: Why I Won't Stop

It’s time to get uncomfortable

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Let me ask you something: if I told you I am living my dream life… how does that make you feel?  

If I tell you how much I made this month… would it make you uncomfortable?

You might have noticed that I talk about my results - money, yes but results like time freedom and fulfilment too - like almost all the time.

I had to get over myself to do that, but I feel like it is necessary. So I’m not going to stop sharing my successes, even if it makes people uncomfortable. Today I’m going to unapologetically hop onto my soapbox and share with you WHY I do it, and why I think you should too.


  • Cori dives in this week with the sometimes uncomfortable topic of celebrating your own successes and how this can make you and other people feel

  • She explains how she had to get over herself in this situation because it isn’t about her…this is about you!

  • Cori talks about offering a different viewpoint on the mother/business owner juggle. YES can be hard work but you don’t have to struggle.

  • She tells listeners why she refuses to stop sharing her successes…she is not letting you off the hook that easily! She refuses to give you permission to accept the status quo.

  • Cori then hands over to YOU. It is time to start celebrating and SHARING your success.


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