Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Twenty Eight

#028: Something I Am Afraid To Tell You...

Letting You In On My Secret

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I like to keep it real on this show.  I like to share what’s going on with me and my business because I think that by passing on what I have learned will help you but also I like to pull back the curtain and let you know what’s going on behind the scenes because that’s what I felt like I was craving when I was listening to the podcasts of other people I really respect online.  


There’s been one thing that is changing how I am working, how I am showing up, changing the mindset work I’m doing… basically having an impact on a LOT of what I’m doing here at Cori Javid Ltd.  But I haven’t told you about it. Because I’ve been scared to. Because, honestly, there’s a very real chance you’ll judge me.

And then last week, I uplevelled my commitment to this thing.  I am going ALL IN. And so I can’t any longer hold this one thing back if I want to bring you on this journey with me - which I very much do, which is very much the POINT of this podcast.  As I explore what it means to be limitless, you get to too, right?

So today’s episode is going to be a little different.  Because I’m going to start by letting you in on this thing that I’ve been holding back from telling you.  It isn’t going to immediately seem like it relates to you… but stick with me, because it really does.


  • Cori reveals there is something she has been afraid to share for fear of judgment

  • She shares that “secret something” in today’s episode despite her fear and had to remind herself that other peoples judgement is their own limiting beliefs - #sorrynotsorry!

  • Cori explains HER why and how this relates to YOU and your business too

  • Cori offers this week’s Dash of Woo AND you have some homework!!


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