Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Fifty Six

#056: How to Make Things Easier in Business

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Is business feeling hard?  Maybe making money is feeling hard?  Maybe there is this one thing on your To Do list you’ve been avoiding because it feels hard…

Please let me save you from that!  Business doesn’t have to feel hard!  I have learned a lot about making things easier on myself and so today I want to share what I have learned with you.

I have 5 questions that you can ask yourself any time things start to feel heavy or hard, to get the answers you need to start enjoying a more ease filled business and an easier way to be earning money.

Are you ready to let it be easy? 

Well then let’s do this!


  • Cori knows the following to be true: it’s easy for us to overcomplicate things, it’s easy for us to lose sight of how easy things can be.

  • She shares that she is straight up allergic to hustle, grind, sacrifice and pressure…she likes to keep things simple!

  • Cori shares those FIVE questions for you to ask yourself to make things easier and provides some answers based on her own experience.

  • She talks about your MINDSET and how getting this on point will help you run your business with ease.

  • Cori’s provides you with some wonderful affirmations of ease and ways to incorporate these into your daily mindset routine in this episode’s Dash of Woo.


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Hi, I’m Cori Javid!

Success Coach, Business Mentor, Mother and tea drinker.  I’m on a mission is to empower more women to see that motherhood and business are a match made in heaven and arm them with the strategy and mindset to create their vision of success on their terms and live life as a Limitless Mother.

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