Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Fifty

#050: The Feminine Energy of Consecutive £20k+ Months

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Hello love.  Here’s the thing you probably know about me by now.  The MINUTE I achieve something, I want to tell you and show you HOW so that you know that it is entirely possible for you too.  I can’t help myself, it’s like a compulsion!

So we just wrapped up June and I am happy to report that it was another bumper month for Cori Javid Ltd.  To be precise it’s my second consecutive £20K+ cash month. But that to me, is not the exciting part. The exciting part, the really cool part, is that I created that income, while of course, working 25 hours a week.  So good. And without sacrifice or overwhelm playing a part. Welcome to the feminine energy of consecutive £20k months, because to me there’s no other way I want to be doing this and I suspect, my love, that you feel the same.

Are you ready for another peek behind the curtains on my business… or specifically, in this case, my mindset?  Because let’s be honest: those consecutive £20k months start in our minds, right?

Let’s do this!  Let’s go to the show!


  • Cori explains that she nearly didn’t share this episode….BUT she is committed to sharing her success so you can see what IS possible for you.

  • She reveals that this episode will arm you with the mindset you need to create the success you desire.

  • Cori talks about earning money in a feminine way, she shares her feminine energy approach and how celebrating can create consistent results.

  • She explores our ability to be available to receiving money and the limiting beliefs that can crop up.

  • Cori’s Dash of Woo for this episode is about her relationship with the universe.


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