Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Four

#004: Productivity & Permission to Change Your Mind with Amanda Appiagyei

The Limitless Mother Podcast Episode 004 Productivity & Permission to Change Your Mind with Amanda Appiagyei


  • Amanda talks about her journey from juggling a thriving stationery business around motherhood and a full-time job, to selling that business and trying to figure out what to do next while recovering from Postnatal Depression.

  • Cori and Amanda discuss the importance of working on your money mindset and Amanda talks about how integral that was to the speed at which her current business took off.

  • Amanda is open about why she changed her mind about a business venture and why it is important to give ourselves permission not to pursue something that doesn’t fit.

  • Cori and Amanda dig into the topic of productivity, and Amanda shares her fresh perspective that getting clear on your vision is the first step to being productive.

  • Amanda shares her key strategies for getting a handle on your workload so that you can work smarter, not harder.


Amanda helps brilliant small businesses to get clear on their vision, un-muddle ideas & translate the message to their marketing, branding & website. She can be found chatting about productivity, organisation and how to take ownership of your brand, while juggling motherhood.

You can join the Magic Hour Productivity Challenge, a 5-day challenge to help you find at least one extra hour in the day, using a variety of clarity, focus and productivity techniques, showing you where you’re losing time, how you can cut down on distractions and stay focused for longer:
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Amanda recommends:

The Power of Habit by Chares Duhigg*

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