Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Forty

#040: How Celebrating Will Change Your Business and Bank Account

Celebrating is mandatory on my watch!

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POP!  That’s the sound of me popping open the champagne in honour of this episode which is all about celebrating.  That’s right, I’m celebrating the celebrating.

Let me ask you something: when was the last time you celebrated a win in your business?  If is wasn’t recently, then I suggest we chat. I believe - certainly this has been true for me and my clients - that when you start celebrating your wins more often, big or small, it has a positive impact on your business and your bank account.

So if you’ve heard me say that celebrating is mandatory on my watch, yes it is because celebrating is just damn good fun, but I think there is a genuine business case for it too.

Want to find out how that works?  I’m gonna tell you!


  • Cori declares that this episode is STILL for you whether you feel like you have something worthy of celebrating or not…

  • She breaks down HOW exactly celebrating will change your business and your bank account…the only risk: drinking too much champagne!!

  • Cori reveals that celebrating our wins can sometimes feel hard and discusses the pesky limiting beliefs that crop up in this area.

  • She offers FIVE practical and actionable steps that you can follow to kick start your celebrating.


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