Growing & Scaling as a Female Entrepreneur with Ceylan Boyce

What holds us back as female entrepreneurs from growing and scaling our businesses? My pal Ceylan is joining us on the show today to help us answer this question. You see Ceylan has a bee in her bonnet about something: the fact that female founders often find it far more difficult to grow and scale their businesses than men.

The #1 Thing I See Stopping Mothers from Making More (Hint: It’s Not Time)

Would it be lovely to make more money in 2021? Of course it would. Well, I got you Boo. Because through my work I have seen behind the businesses and inside the minds of women struggling to earn more and then witnessed first hand the shifts and changes that make earning more – without working more – possible.

EP160: Gratitude: 2020 Style

Anyone else feel tempted to slam the door on 2020, wave good riddance and never look back? I mean, it has been a YEAR, right?

EP115: How To Make The Most Of The Audience You Have

I think you could be leaving money on the table my love. I see this happen all too frequently. Although it is undoubtedly smart to be strategically growing your audience (hence the last episode) growing your audience isn’t the only way to make money. Too often I see people chasing the next new subscriber, the next new lead… without maximising the opportunity that they have to make the most of their existing audience.

EP114: How To Grow Your Audience Strategically

Hello? Someone? Anyone? It can feel a little bit like that at times online, right? Is anyone reading my posts? Opening my emails? Does anyone CARE?! And at other times it can feel like your audience are using a revolving door… no sooner does someone follow you or join your email list than another leaves.

EP112: The Exact Strategies I Used To Get To 6 Figures

I’ve talked about earning 6 figures before but I will KEEP talking about it and here’s why: when I set that 6 figure goal for myself it felt shrouded in mystery. I felt like 6 figure business owners obviously knew something I didn’t. Obviously they had some magical formula to make it happen.