EP153: Sales & Boobs

That’s right, we’re talking about boobs again. But this time in relation to selling and sales. What-the-what?!

EP130: How To Raise Your Prices (& Actually Get Paid)

If I told you to double your prices would you balk at the suggestion? If I suggested telling all of your customers and clients cheerfully that your prices are going up soon – and significantly – would you feel a bit squeamish? Are you harbouring a suspicion that you’re undercharging but simultaneously afraid that if you charge more no one will buy?

#079: Behind the Scenes: My Pricing Strategy

So last week we were talking about pricing on the show and about the key signs to look out for that may well indicate that it’s time you put your prices up.  You might also be aware that I recently put my prices up. Well I have had a number of you ladies asking me about my pricing strategy, my mindset around pricing and HOW I go about deciding what to charge.

#077: Is It Time To Put Your Prices Up?

Oh hey!  When was the last time you put your prices up?  Cos I’ve been wondering… do you think maybe it’s time for you to put your prices up?  I think it quite possibly IS time. Too often I see women undercharging. Too often I hear women telling me they’re afraid of putting their prices up.  Too often I see women kind of ignoring their pricing, preferring not to think about it.