Radical Self Acceptance

Whew we’re going DEEP on today’s episode my love. We’re taking this topic of Self Love to the next level by diving in to RADICAL Self Acceptance.

Falling In Love with Yourself with Denise Baka

When was the last time you did something just for you, for no particular purpose or outcome, no box being ticked off your To Do list, but for the simple reason that it feels good to you… and you did that without guilt?

EP 108: How I Ended Comparisonitis (And You Can Too!)

Ahhh comparisonitis. We live in an age where we are surrounded by opportunities to compare ourselves to others… and end up feeling like we came out of the comparison unfavourably. Whether it is comparing our body shape, our qualifications, our number of followers, our bank account, our homes, our relationships… I mean the list goes on, right?