Radical Self Acceptance

Whew we’re going DEEP on today’s episode my love. We’re taking this topic of Self Love to the next level by diving in to RADICAL Self Acceptance.

#089: Hitting 6 Figures Didn’t Make Me Happy

So here’s the truth my love.  Hitting 6 figures in my business did not make me happy.  When I first set my sights on that goal, I had no business, just a whiff of an idea and a fire in my belly.  I decided that I would feel like a legit business owner if I hit 6 figures. I thought I would feel abundant if I hit 6 figures.  I presumed I would finally feel secure about money if I hit 6 figures.

#085: How To Get Your Template Done In 2 Weeks (Or Less!)

Maybe you were one of the lucky women who grabbed a free template from The Limitless Mother Template Shop during template week last month. You’ve been meaning to get that template done… but well… life kind of got in the way. I’m going to tell you precisely how to get your template done in 2 weeks or less on today’s show.