The Energetic KEY to Impact + Income (& How I Do It)

If you’re anything like me then you’re not really interested in making bank unless you’re making some kind of difference at the same time, right? Been there, done that in the corporate days. I love how intertwined impact and income can be for us business owners. I love how when you get the balance right, the impact and the income you can make keep fuelling one another, expanding outwards in a beautiful loop of love and abundance.

EP142: Elevate Your Energy Series: Create Magic

We’re here for the final installment of the Elevate Your Energy Series and we’re talking about Creating Magic. Oh yeah baby! Hanging out at the tippety top of The Limitless Mother Scale of Energy where the vibes are high and champagne and cash rain from the sky. Lol, at least that’s how it feels in my mind.

EP141: Elevate Your Energy Series: Step Into Abundance

“Look at me Mummy, I’m doing it!!” you know that gleeful expression you’ve seen on your kid’s face when they’re doing something for the first time? Maybe it was the first time they swam unaided. Or the first time she got the hang of riding her bike. Or the first time he did a sit jump on the trampoline…

EP140: Elevate Your Energy Series: Drop the Struggle

Maybe you don’t necessarily feel overwhelmed or like you’ve been struggling… buuuut… you are feeling limited in terms of the money you can make, or the kinds of results and success you can enjoy because you’re still working under this assumption that to create more, to have more, to enjoy life more… will require sacrifice, hard work, or a metric ton of effort. We’re going to drop that today.