For the woman who is afraid of both
overcharging and under-earning

Masterclass + Workshop Bundle

Discover my biggest secrets and tried and true tactics for nailing your pricing so that you are both earning your worth and selling with ease.


  • Do you feel like pricing is a minefield?
  • Do you constantly second-guess your pricing, one minute fearing you are charging too much and the next minute feeling underpaid?
  • Did you set your prices once, a while back and haven’t revisited them since?
  • Or maybe you’re starting out and have no idea how to price your products/services?
  • Do you feel awkward, uncomfortable or guilty whenever you have to tell someone your prices?
  • And does all of this lead to you not getting the clients or sales you really want?

If any of these feel true for you, then I am here to help you!

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I get it

Pricing can throw up all manner of conflicting feelings.

It is entirely possibly to simultaneously feel like…

“I can’t possibly raise my prices, no one will pay.  Am I even worth that amount??”


“I’m not getting paid enough, maybe my prices are too low”.

I also know what it is like, endlessly researching what other people are doing with their pricing and trying to determine how your products and services fit.

So it’s no wonder if you feel like,

“Would someone PLEASE just tell me what I should charge?!!”

I’ve been there.

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But now I set my prices with confidence and get paid my worth and I want to show YOU how to do the same.

Because figuring out your pricing is essential if you want to attract more clients (and not just any clients, the right ones) and make more money.

If you would feel RELIEVED to have someone walk you through the real way to set your prices so that you can avoid being underpaid and avoid overcharging and start getting more clients and making more money…

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Then click below to access the Perfect Pricing Masterclass bundle and let’s do exactly that!
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Masterclass + Workshop Video

Workshop Workbook PDF

Perfect Pricing Plug + Play Spreadsheet

Implementation Plan PDF

Masterclass + Workshop

Spend less than 2 hours watching the recorded masterclass + workshop with me and you are going to walk away...

  • Having set your new pricing structure (hurrah!)
  • Having made a plan to roll out your new pricing
  • Armed with a clear plan to raise your confidence in your pricing so you can actually reap the rewards of having a pricing structure that supports your growth
    (hello working less, getting paid more and attracting more clients with ease!)

Here’s how it’s going to go down:

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We dive into the topic of pricing and I teach you:

> How to know if your prices need to change
> How to set up a good pricing structure will allow your business (+income!) to grow (rather than stunt your growth)
> My secret essential pre-work necessary for really nailing your pricing
> How to work through the feelings and emotions that pricing can trigger so that you can attract and sign more clients at the right price
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Next up we break out into the pricing workshop and you get to work on your new pricing.

I will guide you through using your pricing workbook to create a new pricing structure that is right for you.

And by right for you I mean, prices you can feel great about, a pricing structure that will support your business growth (rather than stunt it) and prices that are right for your ideal clients.

That feeling of uncertainty about pricing? Gone.

So you have your fabulous new prices, now what?

Time to feel good about the prices and get them out into the world!

We finish by talking about your plan from here. Specifically, a two-pronged Perfect Pricing Plan:

Prong 1: MINDSET You work on your pricing mindset guided the workbook I’ve made for you. This will be the key to feeling confident in your new pricing and the value you provide.

Prong 2: ROLL OUT You follow your takeaway plan of action for actually rolling out your new prices and charging your worth.

I’m so excited to give you this plan because I don’t know anyone else teaching pricing this way.

And I know this way WORKS.

I have designed this plan so that both prongs combine perfectly.

Because nailing your pricing and putting it to work in this particular way will mean you can:

  • Start attracting and converting more clients
  • Start attracting and converting the right clients
  • Work less
  • Make more money

PRICE: £39.00

I am purposely pricing this value-packed masterclass bundle at a super accessible £39 as I know that so many struggle with pricing and that this content is such a game-changer.

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For that price, you will receive:

  • The video recording of the Masterclass + Workbook for you to watch when it suits you

  • The Perfect Pricing Workshop Workbook which you can complete while watching the video

  • Your Perfect Pricing Implementation Plan to put everything else we have discussed into action so that you nail your pricing, start charging your worth, attracting your ideal clients and start making more money (while working less)!


Cori Javid

Cori Javid is a Success Coach & Business Mentor for mothers with online businesses.  

After 10+ years as a coach, trainer and mentor in an Investment Bank she realised her passion lay less with helping execs achieve the company’s vision of success and more with helping other mothers - like her - to achieve their own vision of success and on their terms.

In her work with her private coaching clients, Cori quickly spotted a trend amongst the women: they all shared similar money mindset blocks, several of which had come about as a result of becoming mothers.

Having worked through her own money blocks and limiting beliefs to become a powerful manifestor in her own business, Cori immediately started teaching what she had learned to her clients, with impressive results.  Now Cori wants to bring her Money Mindset teachings - specifically tailored to the unique challenges of motherhood - to a wider audience.  

Cori Javid Success Coach

Cori’s mission is to empower more women to work through their limiting beliefs and money blocks to start creating the lives of their dreams.

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Are you ready to start pricing right and earning right?