The key to getting what you want as a mother and business owner NOW

Mama, I get it.  Life, biz, motherhood, household stuff… it can be a LOT sometimes, right?  And that’s before we attempt to shoehorn in some self-care and Me Time…let alone the really cool sh*t that makes life feel magical…

But here’s the thing that I want you to know: 

You get to have YOUR dream.  You get to create the business success you desire (hello mon-nay!  Hello, impact!) WHILE living the lifestyle you crave (hello afternoon baths, long walks in nature, travel + adventure, being present – *truly present* – with your kids.. Ok, these are just some of my suggestions!)

But it has to start with you.

If you want to make magic happen, you MUST have a clear vision… and it MUST be compelling AF.  This becomes your roadmap, your guiding star, the lens through which to make decisions.

Without this?  It’s easy for the next 12 months to kind of slip away to a hamster wheel of busyness, overwhelm and, dare I say it: mediocrity.  Boo.

That’s why I’m stepping in, with my FREE Workshop designed to help you create YOUR vision of success – one that fully resonates with you and your values.  One that is uniquely YOURS.


You see, I’ve learned a thing or two about creating magic and living your dream life as a mother + biz owner…

>> My 2017 dream?  Working from home, max 25 hr/wk.  Loads of time with my daughter. Loads of time for me.  Earning 6-figures +.  Doing work I adore.

 (this is my norm and has been for years now)

>> My 2021 dream?
Taking my daughter out of school for a year and hitting the road for a year of slow living, immersive travel and unhurried adventure with the fam.

 (We set off July 2023).

>> My Next Level Dream Life? 
Buying a small farm and setting up our own off-grid smallholding for us to live out our homesteading dreams (ok, equestrian dreams if you ask my daughter!).

(We’re currently farm shopping).

It’s not just me though, I have coached countless clients at this point through creating not just the business results they desire but a business that supports the lifestyle of their dreams.  

Just a glimpse of what some of my clients have done:

  • Made taking all of August off a non-negotiable (this one’s really popular in my world!)
  • Retired husbands 
  • Hit the road for a year in an RV as a family
  • Manifested the next-level-fancy-AF dream home
  • Scaled back the number of hours they work WHILE growing revenue and living life more fully (ok almost ALL do this 😉 )

From all of this experience, I know that you MUST have a vision and it really needs to be TWO things if you want to be firmly on the path to next level results + lifestyle:

++ Crystal clear.  You need to see it in full technicolour glory.  It has to be suuuper specific.  And most importantly, it has to be entirely YOURS (no room for other people’s ideas/expectations here).

++ Compelling AF .  You need to feel it.  If your vision isn’t driven by true meaning, making it so compelling that it’s no longer a would-be-nice but is now a must-do, non-negotiable… then all you have are some nice ideas.  When you crank up how compelling your vision is, it becomes a powerful energetic tool that turbo charges you towards making your dream a reality.

So if you’re feeling inspired, come and learn from me how to craft your vision if you want the next 12 months to be straight up MAGICAL.  

In this FREE Workshop I’m going to:

  • Discuss why it’s sometimes hard to tune inwards for guidance as women (and even more so as mothers)… but why it’s so important that we do if we want to create magic for ourselves and our families.  Plus!  I’ll tell you how exactly to reconnect with that inner compass.
  • Guide you through several exercises designed to get to the core of what you TRULY desire for your life and business so you have crystal clear clarity to your vision.
  • Walk you through the process of connecting with the WHY behind your vision to really crank up the Compelling factor.  This is the secret sauce way of making sure your vision actually drives your success rather than being a nice-to-have-exercise you once did.

No more vague, lacklustre results: it’s time for fast, goosebump raising results and unicorn-eque magic.

If you’re ready to tap into the energy that has you all like “f*ck yeah!  I’m making magic happen, just watch me!” then what are you waiting for my love?  Sign up 🙂