Money Mindset Intensive
Change your mindset. Change your financial reality.
  • Do you struggle with your pricing? Bouncing between a suspicion that you aren’t charging enough and worrying that you’re charging too much and no one will pay?
  • Or perhaps you feel a sense of rising panic and anxiety when you think about money and being able to afford the things you need and want as a family?
  • Are you wondering how to get out of the trap of wanting to invest in your business to make more money but not being able to earn that extra money to invest?
  • Do you find yourself limiting what you believe is possible for you and your business, playing small or aiming to earn “just enough” for fear that more money would come at a cost (i.e. the cost of more stress, more time away from your kids)?
  • Have you been burying your head in the sand about your finances, avoiding bank statements and bills like the plague, afraid to face the truth?
  • Do you feel like motherhood places limitations on your ability to make money even if you REALLY hate to admit it or hate that it feels true?
Well, my love, you don’t have to continue feeling this way.
I am here to help you.png

Because I totally get.

I have been there. 

For years I limited what I thought was possible for me financially. I thought that I had to choose between being a great mother and earning great money. It seemed like we never had enough money for the things we wanted to do. I felt uncomfortable about money, preferring to ignore my bank balance and the fact I was permanently living in my overdraft. 

When I started my own business, all these money mindset blocks and limiting beliefs about money - and more besides! - surged to the surface. I knew I had a choice: I could continue to panic about money, making running a business a constant source of anxiety or I could face it head on. I dug deep and worked on my money mindset, understanding that it was the underpinning of everything I was going to do in business.

It was so freeing.

To realise that I get to decide on and create my financial reality, to feel free of mental money burdens. 

To go from living in my overdraft to having surplus money to invest or save each month.

This is what has happened for me.  And I have helped so many clients do the same.

I want that for you too!

How great would it feel...

  • If you could feel relaxed about money, no longer afraid of it running out?
  • If you could make empowered spending decisions, no longer clouded with guilt about not spending that money directly on the family instead?
  • If you could invest in your business and yourself with confidence knowing that by doing so you are creating a beautiful future for your family?
  • If you no longer felt afraid of your finances and instead able to set and achieve exciting money goals that enable you and your family to have the kind of experiences that make life great?
This is just a taster of some of my clients' great results...
  • I have helped many women increase their prices and one client recently DOUBLED her prices with confidence... and people gladly paid
  • Several clients, after working on their money mindset have felt empowered to inveset in their businesses (VAs, coaching, legal support, copywriting, web development... you name it) which in turn translated to achieving their vision of success faster
  • Having changed their financial reality, clients have booked their first every family holiday, started treating themselves to weekends away with their partner, to more family days out, to spa days, new clothes, meals out... all confident in their ability to continue creating wealth

As a busy mother and business owner...

I know that it isn’t just juggling the activities of both that can be challenging; juggling the different financial priorities can also be tough.  Add to that feelings of Mama Guilt when you are thinking about earning and spending and it is no wonder so many stay stuck in a push-pull relationship with money.

Your money mindset (i.e. your beliefs about money) underpins practically EVERYTHING we do in business.  

Without a strong money mindset, you will continue to notice self-sabotaging behaviours...

... such as pricing your offers too low
... failing to make smart investment decisions which allow your business to grow
... not daring to set (and therefore meet) financial goals
... continue to stay stuck…

In short, you will forever feel like success is just out of reach.

Rather than continue to feel anxious about money... 

and to struggle with creating consistent income, what if we could spend just 2 hours freeing you from feelings of financial overwhelm and arm you with the tools and a plan to start mending your relationship with money?  

Because at the end of the day, your mindset creates your reality (NOT the other way around).

During our time together we will...

  • Pinpoint your key money mindset blocks, because realisation is the first step to transformation
  • Determine how your current money mindset has been hindering you and impacting your business so that you can move forward faster without this weighing you down
  • Develop a strategy for dismantling your blocks and reprogramming your money mindset with new, more empowering beliefs so that you can feel confident in spending and earning money and setting and achieving financial goals
  • Discuss which tools will best suit you in mending your relationship with money so that you can ditch the old money stories that have been keeping you stuck in a way that feels good to you
  • Create a plan to implement new, more supportive habits and behaviours around money so that you can start to create a new financial reality for yourself and your family

What you get...

  • A 2 hour video call 1:1 with me recorded for you to review again whenever you like
  • After the call you will receive your tailor made money mindset reset plan that you can follow to put in place everything talked about on our call to make sure you get the most out of your intensive
  • I will be available for email support for one week following the call to make sure you can implement your plan and feel supported in dismantling your money blocks, reprogramming your mindset and stepping into your new financial reality

Investment: £699

Next Steps

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