Are you craving a group of high vibe, action-taking, uplevelling business besties with similar dreams, goals and aspirations who just GET IT?

Are you craving a group of high vibe, action-taking, uplevelling business besties with similar dreams, goals and aspirations who just GET IT?

Are you craving that next level of business growth to fuel your next level lifestyle?

Are you craving transformational mentorship from a fellow mother who has been there, done that, created the limitless life, business and bank account you know you’re really meant for?

Then this is it, my love.

The mastermind you've been waiting for!

Maybe you've been feeling...

  • Frustrated by your lack of time, wishing there were more hours in the day so you could finally move the needle on your business (and bank account) in a significant way?
  • Totally overwhelmed and stunted by circumstances that keep getting flung at you (damn you, covid-19!) and left struggling to prioritise yourself and your business?
  • Kind of lonely in this whole business and motherhood gig? Sure you have friends and loved ones, but sometimes it's kind of painful not to feel understood and not to have anyone who really sees and believes in your vision and your dream
  • Just done with groups who never seem to make any progress and who bring your energy down, if you’re being totally honest?
  • Perplexed at what it is that’s keeping your business at its current level. You see these other women creating all kinds of huge wins up and down the internet and wonder why it feels so hard and slow for you but looks so easy for them?
  • Like you’re on a rollercoaster, one minute feeling like “Yes! I can do this!”, sights firmly locked on that vision of success and the next minute plummeting into a self-doubt spiral and contemplating settling for “just earning enough”?

Of they do it's not your fault...

It’s not your fault, my love. No one told us the two things we need for it to stop feeling so hard (more on that in a sec )

I get it.  The reason I was able to describe how you might be feeling so accurately?  (side note: it’s ok if you feel like I’m in your brain reading your thoughts!)  Is because I have BEEN THERE.  

I have felt all of these ways previously on my journey to success.

I don't any more though...

These days I feel a sense of calm and ease as I blend motherhood and business in a way that creates a ton of freedom for family time (& me time!) and produces the kind of business results that have me living my dream life, daily…#pinchme

Because I learned that really we just need two things if we want to be successful because we are mothers, not in spite of it...


To learn how to leverage Elevated Energy to create epic business results (instead of effort)


A group of high-vibe business besties around us, supporting us, yes, but also coming together to create a collective energy so powerful that we are instantly energetically uplevelled and able to create next-level quantum leap style results

That's it.

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That’s what we really need to get the kind of results we want in the way we want to get them

And these two things? They are WAY more important than any business course or strategy offering out there. Trust me, I should know. I’ve gone down that path, believing that the answer could be found in the perfect strategy or tactic. That route always felt hard and yielded paltry results, if any.

But what I now know to be true is that without the right energy and support, a strategy can be entirely useless. I also know that the perfect strategy – for YOU – always reveals itself to you in it’s simple and soul-aligned glory when you dial in your energy and surround yourself with high vibe support.

Plus, as a mother, operating in our businesses in our feminine energy matters even more because it fully aligns with how we’re showing up all day so our business feels like less of a hard gear-change and more of a natural flowing extension of our day to day life.

It's time to opt out of the dry, masculine, hustle way of “doing business”

And opt in to the new, feminine soul-aligned path to success:

The inner game amplified and multiplies exponentially by the energy of the group. Boom!
Explosive business results. Breakneck speed lifestyle uplevels.

How would it feel if...

You finally let go of the story – because it is a story – that you have to work harder to create results in your business and started smashing your goals with ease?

You were surrounded, supported, uplevelled and uplifted by a group of badass business besties (all mothers like you) who just get it?
You felt so clear on what you need to do to take your business to the next level and enjoy that growth that you truly desire?
You let go of the B.S. notion that you’re not worthy of massive success and finally stepped into that next level, Elevated version of yourself for whom everything is always working out?
You felt just magnetic AF, with money, ideal clients, opportunities and incredible experiences just showing up for you and throwing themselves at you daily?
Upgrading and uplevelling your lifestyle was just your new norm?

Amazing right?

This is available for you, my love. Hop on a free call with me and let’s talk.

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If these are some of the results you’re looking for my love, then I’m the woman to help you.

I don’t know if you know this, but I straight up manifested the mastermind that I’m a part of.  Because I was REALLY craving peers.  I understood how powerful the energy of a collective of action-taking high-vibe women can be and I wanted to immerse myself in that kind of energy.  I thought that if I could just find the right group of women to surround myself with, I would instantly uplevel.

And I was right!

The very FIRST month that I joined that mastermind was my first £20k cash month. And I was only just getting started.

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Here’s why I’m the best person to lead you and your new group of biz besties (yep, unapologetic about owning my genius here!):

I AM you. I am a mother and a business owner and so I understand. I understand the unique challenges that we face. And I understand the nuances of mindset that come from our experience of motherhood. And most importantly, I know how to Leverage The F*ck out of the energy that motherhood bestowed on you to create epic results.
I know that what we need as mothers who value time freedom and desire financial freedom, is to leverage our energy, not our effort to create business results. If you’re done with the old paradigm of “success = hard work and sacrifice” then I’m the person to teach you the new paradigm. I understand the energetics of success deeply and that’s why I am able to teach and coach on it in such a transformational way.
I create magical containers. Just look at the results that my Limitless Money students create. Just look at the results my clients achieve from the space I hold for them. I intend to curate the most phenomenal energy within The Elevated Abundance Mastermind and I know the experience for everyone in it (will that mean you?) will be nothing short of magical.

Cori Javid is simply amazing!

I’ve been working with Cori for over a year, building by business from zero into a thriving business with 8 high-ticket one-on-one clients. Within one month of opening the doors on my business I had hit my initial money goals, and 12 months in I am now looking at how to scale to a 6 figure business while working just 20 hours per week!

But the biggest wins are building my confidence. I had felt trapped in corporate and didn’t believe that there was a ‘different’ way to work until working with Cori. I now know that there is a better way and I am living that life daily. Cori helps me push through my mindset blocks, and lovingly calls me out when I am fighting something I don’t even notice myself. Cori has helped me develop my sales confidence, and to know and trust the value I offer to prospective clients – something I didn’t know I would feel.

Quite simply, my business and I both thrive because I have Cori backing me every step of the way!


What I loved most about working with Cori was the support available at all times no matter what, she was always on hand to support, encourage and motivate.

Since working with Cori I got my confidence back after feeling I had lost my mojo after having children. My mindset and mental health have improved dramatically and I hit a £60k month in one of my businesses, while the other went from 0 to 10 members! The list of results goes on!

I would absolutely recommend Cori, I miss her loads!! Being a working Mum and entrepreneur…she gets it.


Working with Cori has been business changing.
I look forward to our calls so much as they bring so much clarity on my next steps. Having that person who holds you accountable for the actions you make is invaluable. Cori, gives so much structure and helps you organise your workload and breakdowns those big business goals so easily that everything becomes achievable. She is more than just a business coach. I love the relationship I have built with her, sometimes, I want to share my wins with her before my own family because she is just as passionate about the wins as you are!

I have worked with Cori for the last two years and I don’t think my business would be where it is right now without her support, guidance and advice. The work we have done together has brought in constant leads for the business, securing new clients consistently!

Working with Cori has meant I have been able to double my salary within a year of working together! I am hitting new money goals each month and ticking off business goals consistently.

Not only has Cori helped build the business with leads and grown my monthly cash flow, I have learnt so much from her. My mindset is in such a different place to where I was 2 years ago. I feel empowered. Cori works with you to determine not just business goals but how you want to lead your life and how you want to feel and she works closely with you to achieve that. Again, she breaks everything down into workable chunks that it all becomes a reality rather than a dream. If you ever have a wobble Cori is right there to put you back on track.

I highly recommend Cori!! She becomes your go-to person for most things in life! She lifts the weight off your shoulders and any overwhelm you may feel.

Verity Hurd

Working with Cori has transformed my business!

Before we started working together I remember listening to a case study of one of her clients having her first £6k month and thinking that would never be a reality for me.

Less than 12 months after starting work with Cori and that is now my reality. AND I love my life more than ever!!

Life and business has never felt easier or more fun.

I can’t recommend working with Cori highly enough


Here’s How The Elevated Abundance Mastermind Works...

In true Cori fashion, The Elevated Abundance Mastermind will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

You, me, your new tight-knit group of biz besties and 6 months of energetic elevation, explosive business results and seemingly endless lifestyle upgrades.

Plus a lot of fun and giggles along the way. You know that’s just how I roll. Business isn’t meant to be dull 🙂

We’re talking WAY more results (and enjoyment) than any strategy course out there. Because those strategy courses? They miss the point entirely. They teach one prescribed way that worked for someone else so you find yourself efforting to shoe-horn yourself into something that just doesn’t fit and feels hard (eww).

In The Elevated Abundance Mastermind, I want to invite you to join us as we do things differently: the Elevated Energy way. Which means that you learn how to create business results using YOUR Elevated Energy and following guidance from within. That’s the true, sustainable path to growing a business you adore and bounce out of bed for each day. Because it is truly YOURS.

You see, your ability to create results doesn’t hinge on cranking the handle on a strategy that took forever to implement and which you’re scared will stop working. When you learn to Elevate your Energy, you find that results are ALWAYS available to you, in any circumstances or economy. What’s more, they are available to come to you with so much ease, flow and pleasure.

Seriously, all the people you see getting the results you desire are doing this… but then they’re selling their strategy and totally missing the point. In The Elevated Abundance Mastermind, we get RIGHT to the point 🙂

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That’s what makes this mastermind so powerful: it’s the gift that will keep on giving loooong after our time together.

This is your invitation to step up and say yes to activating and releasing the powerful results-creating energy that is inside of you.

This is your invitation to say YES to your dreams for your business and life.

This is your invitation to truly say YES to yourself.

We kick off for the next round of magic in October 2021

We're talking 3 mastermind group zoom calls each and every month, for 6 months, with your badass biz besties and led by yours truly.

This is where the magic really happens. Expect to strut and dance your way through your day (and week?!) after each call; setting intentions, effortlessly taking action and crushing your goals

4 transformational, binge-worthy, energetic teaching modules covering:


It’s time to throw out the old belief system that isn’t serving you, rewire your mind for success and make put in place habits to make it stick so that you can bring your A-Game to this game of biz and life that you are now winning


Let’s curate precisely the feelings that are key to your business growth (this is the secret sauce that the dry business books with their masculine covers won’t tell you about)

Energetic Qualities

You know that energy is everything, right? Well it’s time to leverage that Elevated Energy like a mofo. In this module we cover everything you need to surrender, hold boundaries to preserve your energy and open up to receive massive abundance. Your new vibe: Limitless Magnetism.


Hustle, hard work and sacrifice? Eww. Let me teach you how to lean back into your feminine energy and let business growth be easy instead. I’m sharing all my inside hacks on taking laser-focused, inspired action and expanding time (yes, it’s a real thing) so that you can set yourself up for the kind of quantum leaps that have people doing a double-take and asking “wtf just happened?!” 😉

Essentially, I’m going to teach you how to BE in your business, so that you can go ahead and then DO or HAVE whatever the hell you desire!

Because the key to creating success as a mother and business owner (well, truly for anyone but we’re who we care about!) has never been found in a single strategy.  

It’s about being in your feminine energy, so that instead of working uphill, upstream or against the grain of who you are, you are harnessing your innate power as a mother, which is SO key to creating business results from a place of balance. 

Ultimately, the answer has always been creating results and success on YOUR terms using YOUR Elevated Energy – the energy you embody and bring to your biz – amplified by the high-vibe collective energy of your forever biz besties.

Plus anything else training or template wise that I feel called to share during our time together. I'm all about giving you the shortcuts.

I’m salivating Cori!...
How much is this epic experience that I feel like you made just for me?

I’ve priced this with a ton of intention (you know that’s my vibe).  I wanted a price that provided the opportunity for the kind of transformation and uplevelling that you get to enjoy when you decide to invest in yourself and go all-in on your biz.  But I also wanted to price this at a level that was still accessible.  So here’s what is most aligned:

This time, the investment is £1,200 per month or £7,000 if you pay in full (inc VAT)

Here's what I know to be true:

The Elevated Abundance Mastermind is going to be worth FAR more than this price tag. I fully intend to blow your mind (right before we blow up your biz results!). So the next time I open this up it will be priced accordingly. You know I always reward early action takers 🙂

During our 6 months together in The Elevated Abundance Mastermind, you will…

Elevate your energy

You relax more, laugh harder, take business growth in your stride and are lit up with the kind of magnetic AF energy that has people throwing their credit cards at you. This is you, but operating at an Elevated Level: You 2.0. If you’re honest, you feel kind of magical.

Activate your abundance

With that Elevated Energy and your business besties by your side, you’ve activated the flow of abundance and nothing can stop you. All of those reasons why you felt like you couldn’t… all of those things that felt hard about growing your business and making money before… watch them all melt away now. We scrap ALL of the preconceived notions of what “should” be done, we tear up the business rule book and instead we make sure you’re taking the actions you WANT to take, that FEEL good and which bring in the cash.

Uplevel your life

Having liberated your energy, we’re also going to liberate your time. Combine that time freedom and ability to effortlessly create results with the serious bank your biz is now making and voila! That business you now adore is fuelling that Limitless Lifestyle you’re obsessed with.
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It's quite simple:

Energy -> Business Growth ->
Limitless Lifestyle

You, me and your new group of badass biz besties… Together we can make Magic happen
(And no, I don’t care if that sounds cheesy. It’s just the truth).

Bonus Outcomes

Ok, so of course officially the outcomes are things like business growth, making consistent and increasing bank, taming your schedule for more time freedom and less overwhelm, slaying your goals etc…

But it is important to note that other side effects of The Elevated Abundance Mastermind may include:

✨ Prolonged smiling for no apparent reason

✨ Being borderline-obnoxiously content all the time

✨ Noticing that you’re suddenly just kicking ass as a parent more of the time

✨ Magical manifestations and serendipities becoming part of everyday life

What can I say? This is some potent What can I say? This is some potent stuff.

“Sounds incredible Cori, but…”

If you’ve read this far my love and you’ve been feeling that pull.  You know that tug from within that says “Yes!  This!”…

Buuuut you still haven’t clicked on a shiny button to book your call because – 

In pops that other voice, maybe suggesting things to you like:

“It feels kind of too good to be true…”

“Sure this would be nice to have in the future but now’s just not the time…”

“I just don’t feel able to spend that kind of money on myself…”

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Here’s the thing:

That’s fear talking, my love. It’s natural. It’s natural for our past conditioning to jump in and try to keep us exactly where we are (stuck) and to keep us doing what we’ve been doing (real talk: playing small).

Fear tells us that it’s far better to stay in the comfortable well known space of where we are (which is just so ironic isn’t it? Because struggling to create results definitely doesn’t feel comfortable!) rather than step into the (momentary) discomfort of saying yes to yourself. Saying yes to possibility and potential. Saying yes to receiving your desires.

And while it is true that The Elevated Abundance Mastermind will open up again at some point in the future, if you’re feeling called to do this, the real question to ask yourself is:

What will it cost me to say no to this?
What will it cost me to say no to myself?

Sure, joining in a future round will cost you more financially because you’re grabbing a founders’ price here. But what will it cost you and your business to keep doing what you’ve been doing and therefore keep creating the same outcomes you’ve been creating for the next 6+ months? Or year? What will it cost you to stand still? How much further along could you be in 6 months by saying yes to this as opposed to saying “No, I can’t, not yet”?

And what will it cost you in terms of your relationship with yourself to feel really pulled to do something, to feel called to say yes to yourself and to back yourself… but then to deny yourself that opportunity?

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If you’ve read this far my love, that’s a sign, right?

I’m looking for women who are ready to go all in.  Who are ready to say “Yes!” to themselves and a new way of creating results on their terms (even if they’re scared).

This is the time to start trusting yourself.  And you get to trust me too.  If you’re not the right fit?  I’ll tell you.  I’m not just here to sell to you, I’m here to get the right women in this container.

If your soul knows this is precisely what you need (and probably even what you’ve been looking for, even if you haven’t fully acknowledged that), 

Then I challenge you to click on the button below, book your free call with me and in doing so say “Yes” to yourself.  There is so much transformation and uplevelling in that first step and it’s yours for the taking.