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Reset Your Money Mindset and Create a Better Financial Reality for You and Your Family

  • Do you worry that making more money will mean spending less time with your family and so you settle for making less?
  • Are you tired of only making “just enough” from your business and wish you had the financial freedom to say “yes” to more experiences for your family?
  • Do conversations about money either at home or with potential clients make you squirm with discomfort?
  • Do you feel like motherhood should be your number one priority and therefore feel guilty for focusing on making money?
  • Do you feel like there is never enough money?
Then, my love, I created this course for you.

Because I have been where you are now and I made it out the other side.  I now know that it is possible to have time AND money.  I now know how to unapologetically manifest the life I desire for myself and my family.

I know how to Manifest Like A Mother.  

Not IN SPITE of being a Mother like most other courses teach.

And I want to teach you to do the same.

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  • Learn to let go of the Mama Guilt that has been keeping you stuck
  • Mend your relationship with money and in doing so welcome more of it into your life with ease
  • Become open to possibilities for making more money without compromising on time with your family
  • Start making your own vision of success into a reality
  • Feel financially free to start saying “yes” to more of the good things in life for yourself and your family
  • Use the natural gifts bestowed on you by motherhood to start Manifesting Like a Mother
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Why I'm the person to teach this

Here’s the thing, I realised that NO ONE ELSE is talking about Motherhood and the impact it makes on your money mindset.  

I also realised that the big names in Money Mindset teaching seemed to me to be entirely divorced from my reality.

They were either:

>> Young, vibrant entrepreneurs, jetting across the world from one luxury destination to the next, laptop in hand, making money in ways that seemed alien to my life which includes things like the school run, making packed lunches and helping my daughter practise her spellings.

>> People who got rich first and THEN had kids.  So they had an abundance of income to afford things like nannies, housekeepers, personal trainers, from the outset.  

Hanging out poolside in Bali, sipping on a fresh coconut and watching the money flow into my Stripe account, sounds amazing of course, but doesn’t quite fit with my reality of family life.

I realised that motherhood often changes our desires.  

I have no desire to strive for a digital nomad lifestyle.  The reality of that would mean being away from my daughter, or moving her from school to school.  We’ve put down roots, we’re happy with our home and our support network around us.

So my vision of success jarred with the success ideals being touted by these experts.  

Nobody was talking about how to manifest money more easily WHILST being a parent, WHILST being present for their kids, WHILST juggling #allthethings.  

Nobody was speaking to MY vision of success.

I just couldn’t relate.  Maybe you’ve felt the same?  Maybe you too wondered if manifesting a life of your dreams therefore wasn’t available to you?

However, I decided that just because no one was speaking about how to manifest MY vision of success - my reconfigured vision that embraces family life and doesn’t make my desires as a mother wrong - didn’t mean it wasn’t possible for me.  

How I Learned to Manifest Like A Mother

I realised that prior to motherhood I was actually a very powerful manifestor and great at getting what I wanted in some - not all! - aspects of my life.  For example, (just to toot my own horn) I kick arse at interviews.  I have been to many, many interviews in my life and have NEVER failed to be offered the job.  I have an unblemished interview record.  

Pretty impressive, right?

But a lot of my confidence and skills in manifesting related to things that no longer fit with my life situation as a mother. They seemed tied to my pre-kid identity.  Maybe you can relate to this sense of disconnect from your previous “self”?

Not only that, but I slammed straight into a wall of limiting beliefs that I had not anticipated.  Many of them newly installed since becoming a mother.

I didn't let this deter me though.  

I had made my mind up that I would prove it IS possible to manifest the life I desired AND keep showing up as the mother I want to be.  

So I worked on my money mindset, on my manifestation process, adapting and honing my skills to fit in with my life as a mother and to draw in my newly formed vision of success for myself and my family.

And then, in a very short space of time…

… BOOM!  My business started hurtling forward.

I replaced my corporate - Investment Banking - salary within 3 months of launching my business.  

This blew my mind.  

I had learned how to Manifest Like A Mother.

But this wasn’t just about me.  It wasn’t even just about my family.  I had made a vow at the outset: if I could make this work for me, then I would sing it from the rooftops.  

  • I would make it my MISSION to step up and fill that gap in teaching I had spotted.
  • I would make it my MISSION to empower other women - mothers like me - to change their financial reality.
  • I would make it my MISSION to teach you - yep looking squarely at YOU my love - to Manifest Like A Mother.

So here I am, doing exactly that.

Because I want every mother - especially you - to feel empowered to make money more easily and unapologetically and to start enjoying the life of her dreams with her family.

I know that you find it hard to believe that it can be possible for you - I felt the same - but I also now that it IS possible.  

You CAN learn how to Manifest Like A Mother.

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"I always felt I was holding myself back in business, afraid to ask for the sale, not feeling worthy of receiving money....that was until I had a call with Cori! We delved into why I was feeling this way and it all came down to my money mindset. I have since noticed a huge shift in my mindset and it has had a positive ripple effect on my business. In fact that very day I started work on my mindset and within the first week I had received three enquiries and since then they just keep on coming!" - Natasha

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What you'll get.png

Ok so I know we’re all busy and want results, FAST, right?  So I’ve crafted this course with that in mind.  You will not find any fluff or filler in this course.  All concise information and actionable advice.  Sound good?

And with that in mind, I have made each video training no longer than 20 minutes so that you can fit them in and around your day.


  • 2 training videos per week
  • One weekly workbook to help you put the lessons straight into action
  • A private Facebook Group as a space to celebrate your breakthroughs, support one another and ask questions.
  • A virtual “drop in session” with me twice during the course to give you direct access to 1:1 support from me
  • Weekly journal prompts



The guided meditation I used daily to sky rocket my business - both an audio version and the script so you can either listen to mine or create your own!

Not only that but I want this to be the course that you complete.  The course that you show up for, do the work for and reap the INCREDIBLE rewards.  I believe so much in this that I have structured the course to make sure that no one gets left behind!

I know that fitting a course in around family can be a challenge when life throws a curve-ball.  So I have structured the course with 6 weeks of content delivered over 8 weeks to allow two catch up weeks for anyone who needs it and to do extra practise for those who are up to speed.

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Module One: Clear The Path

I’ll teach you my fast and effective way to removing mindset blocks and limiting beliefs and to release old money stories. We will uncover and then free you from unhelpful habits around money so you can stop accidentally manifesting the things you don't want and start manifesting with purpose.  With these new skills under your belt you’ll be able to clear the path to manifestation so that nothing stands in your way.

Module Two: What Do You Want?

It’s time to get really clear on what you want you want to manifest.  What is important to you and your family and how you want to feel?  We look at your big picture life desires and we get detailed and specific about what you want to achieve in your business.  It’s time to design your new vision of success so you start manifesting it.

Module Three: Believe

This module is all about breathing new life into your self-belief and sense of self-worth.  Manifesting a new financial reality means mending that broken receive mode and learning how to get yourself into the best state to attract the life of your dreams.  It's time to get sold on yourself so you can manifest with ease.

Module Four: Your New Money Story

Let's rewrite the script.  Now that we’ve ditched your old money stories and worked through your money blocks and limiting beliefs, it’s time to replace them with new stories and beliefs that will serve you better as you manifest your new financial reality.  It’s time to change your mind about money so you can start charging your worth and selling with ease.

Module Five: Attraction in Action

This is where the magic really happens!  I’ll teach you my exact process for attracting what you want into your life.  Get ready for some WOAH results!

BONUS: This is when you can finally get your hands on my much coveted money manifestation guided visualisation.  Yes, that one!  The one that was instrumental in skyrocketing my business.

Module Six: Life of Abundance

Welcome to a whole new financial reality.  We set up helpful habits to enable you to live this new abundant reality every day. I’ll also teach you how to pass on an abundance mindset to your children so you can be the catalyst for change and empower future generations to lead a life of abundance.

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  • Have discovered the restrictive thought patterns and mindset blocks that have been holding you back from making more money, ditched them and replaced them with a more positive story that serves you better so that you can be open to new possibilities for making money.
  • Have let go of and forgiven your old money stories fast to feel empowered and worthy of receiving more money so that money can flow more easily into your life.
  • Believe in your worth and the value of your skills, experience and gifts so that you can feel comfortable in charging your worth, talking about money and making sales.
  • Believe that you aren’t selfish or wrong for having desires and that the pursuit of those desires will positively impact not just you but your family too. This belief in your vision of success will motivate you and give you confidence in continually determining your next best steps on the path to making that success a reality.
  • Have fixed your Receive Mode to allow support, self-care and money to flow more easily into your life.
  • Be clear on what you really want your life to look like and how to set about making it happen so that you can be, do or have whatever it is that you want.

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Do you know, I thought long and hard about how to price this course.  

On one hand I know that making an investment is actually your first step to showing yourself that you believe in yourself and the possibility that you can have and deserve more.

On the other hand, I also know that if you need this course, then you are struggling with fears and doubts about money, so I didn’t want the price to put you off, make you think that this is something you can deal with later.  Because I want you to start living that better version of your life right away!

So I came up with £497 to make as accessible as possible because the first step to changing our truth around money is believing we deserve to invest in ourselves and actually get what we want.

There is so much value in this course, I know I could (and likely will next time round) charge way more but I really, REALLY want you to feel like you can have this if you need it.  

And the truth is?  You can.  

You can make this work for you, you can shift your mindset right now from a place of lack and fear to a place of possibility.

You can click on the button below with a clear intention to change your financial reality, energised by taking this first step.

And if you feel like you can’t afford it, then my love, you are EXACTLY the person who needs it!

Here's what I know.png

What I know is that this course is special.  

No one else is teaching this way.  

No one else has crafted a course equipping you with the tools to manifest more financial freedom tailored to you - the busy mama juggling your business and your family.

I learned to manifest the life I desire and it is my MISSION to empower you to manifest the life of your dreams for you and your family.

I also know what it is like to feel stuck, anxious about money and like there is never enough.

Through my journey of learning to Manifest Like A Mother™ this feeling shifted for me.  I no longer feel that way.  

I feel free, confident in my ability to make money.  

I believe that there will always be enough.

How much better does that sound?

And THAT is what I want to teach you.  To shift out of your current mindset and into a better, easier, more relaxed mindset and a more abundant financial reality.

I know what it is like to feel like you want to make more money from your business but you don’t want to trade more time so you don’t know where to start.

What I ultimately know is that this can be your first act in showing yourself you are worthy of time and investment.  The first step in upgrading your belief in what you can do, be and have...