Your Dashboard

Hi Katie

Your Campaign Roadmap

Phase One


Days 1-6

9th - 16th September

Your Role

Promote on social media and via email to attract sign ups

My Role

Keep you updated on how many people have signed up

Phase Two


Day 7

16th September

Your Role

Show up and hang out on the webinar

My Role

Present the webinar live

Phase Three


Day 8 - 11

16th September

Your Role

Sit back and relax

My Role

Send follow up email series

Your Checklist

9th September
Schedule Posts & Emails Click the button below for easy access to all your personalised posts and emails
9th September
Update Your Social Media Swap your FB biz page and/or group cover images and Instagram bio (use the cover image and captions in your marketing materials)

Your links

Checkout Page URL:

Registration Page URL:

Live Link URL: