The money mindset audio course for mother business owners who are ready to earn more

The money mindset audio course for business owners who are ready to earn more

The old way of making money doesn’t work for us. 

We’re mothers first and business owners second and we’re unwilling to hustle, work harder or sacrifice family time to make more money.

It’s time to embrace a new way.

A way that is far easier and helps you create success BECAUSE you are a mother, not in spite of it.

I’m going to teach you how to level up your money mindset to create…

Limitless Money

I'm here to help you minimise your time spend
and maximise the money you receive.

Do any of these resonate?

  • Do you worry that making more money will mean spending less time with your family and so you settle for making less?
  • Are you tired of under-earning, only making “just enough” from your business and wish you had the financial freedom to say “yes” to more experiences for your family?
  • Have you been burying your head in the sand, avoiding your finances and conversations about money?
  • Do you feel like motherhood should be your number one priority and so feel guilty for focusing on making money?
  • Have you started to believe that maybe making amazing money is somehow not possible for you?
  • Are you keen to learn how to use your mindset to make more money but don’t have TIME for another course?

If they do it's not your fault...

The Problem

You see, we’ve been conditioned to believe all kinds of rubbish about money.  We’ve become convinced that we aren’t worthy of earning and receiving lots of it.  Societal expectations, cultural beliefs – hell, even Mama Guilt – have all impacted our relationship with money.  The result?  Earning lots of it feels wrong, hard or just plain unavailable.

I’ve made a vow to change this.

The Solution

It’s my mission to empower thousands of mother business owners - like you!

– to change their money mindset and in doing so change their financial reality. The world needs more women with wealth. Our children are looking to us to show them what it means to have an abundance mindset, to model for them a healthy relationship with money and to show them what it looks like to feel worthy of receiving more. How is it possible to heal our relationship with money and use energy over effort to create abundance?

Enter: Limitless Money

Mama, I made this totally unique course for YOU!

Because I am you

I am a mother and business owner – just like you – who has figured out how to use her mindset to create wealth, instead of hard work. My new way of making money is by using energy over effort. And it works…Every. Time. I used to believe that we had to compromise as mothers.

Now I know that we get to be successful because we are mothers, not in spite of it.

When I started to work on my money mindset, everything changed for me:

  • I went from earning nothing in my business, to replacing my corporate salary within 3 months,
  • I doubled that within 7 months and hit my first £10k month 11 months into my business.
  • As I created this course I was celebrating my second consecutive £20k+ cash month.
  • Now? I'm earning more than 5X the salary I made in my corporate days.

The best part?

Because I understood how to use my money mindset as the foundation of my success, I have achieved all of this…

without hard work, hustle and sacrifice

….while working 25 hours a week, often less… (in fact more like 16 hours a week now)…

Here's what I now know to be true:

Healing your relationship with money and improving your money mindset is the fastest and easiest way to experience more abundance.

And not just a feeling of abundance… we’re talking actual cash in the bank.

I want this for you too!

Are you ready to change your mindset so that you can change your financial reality… 

WITHOUT having to carve out time for a course 

(that in all likelihood would just sit there uncompleted anyway)?


How amazing would it feel if you could...

Rely on the continuous flow of money, rather than worrying about where it is coming from or where it has gone

Mend your relationship with money and in doing so welcome more of it into your life with ease

Become open to possibilities for making more money without compromising on time with your family

Feel financially free to start saying “yes” to more of the good things in life for yourself and your family

Pass on healthier beliefs and behaviours about money to your children, creating a legacy of abundance

Learn how to do all of this and more WITHOUT having to find time for course videos, lengthy workbooks and unrealistic homework assignments?

Know this...

Wanting to earn more money and do it without working harder or longer hours is not a silly dream.

With the right money midset this is not only totally possible, but with limitless money - totally achievable too.

If you're thinking...

But will this work for me?

Take some time reading through the testimonials and messages from other Limitless Money students. They’re all mothers and business owners, just like you. Limitless Money has worked for them so it can absolutely work for you too.

But I just don’t feel like I can spend this money on myself right now

Then, my love, can you see why this is precisely why you need this course? Look, I want to teach you how to uplevel your money mindset so you never again feel like you have to pass up an opportunity to spend money on something that will enhance your life. But this is the chicken and egg scenario I see so many women get themselves caught in. They want to have more money but they won’t let themselves spend on precisely the thing to get them there. But if you’re worried that spending this money on yourself is selfish, I also want you to know that this isn’t just about you. Money mindset is something we pass on. Learning how to earn more money with ease will massively positively impact your family.

But I’m just so busy and overwhelmed right now, how will I make time for it?

I get that my love and I’ve been there.  If you’ve ever bought and not completed another online course you’ll know that traditional courses have been failing you.

That’s not your fault.

And that’s why Limitless Money is different:

A 100% audio course

  • No videos to make time for
  • No workbooks to wade through
  • No homework assignments adding to your already lengthy To Do List

with space to reflect and time to implement what you have learned BUILT IN.

So we’re clear: ZERO requirement to carve out time for this.

That’s what makes this course so revolutionary

I get to TEACH and TRANSFORM you on the fly:

  • …on your way home from dropping the kids at school
  •  …as you dash around the supermarket
  • …on your morning run
  • …even in the bath (my personal favourite)

And let’s be real… if you don’t have the option to put ear buds in when you’re doing other things, then you need to hire me 1:1 my love, because something is seriously going on!

Here's what some former students of
Limitless Money are saying...

Thank you Cori, you’ve been a catalyst for change and a ray of positivity in my earbuds! Whether in the car or at the gym, my negative mindset has been gently ironed out and replaced with a lot more clarity.

It was all pretty powerful – but I broke down in module 1 and had a huge lightbulb moment. I’ve stopped burying my head and been so much more proactive. I was fearful of money, now I’m embracing it! Since completing the course I’m in a more positive place and worked through some very negative money mindsets.

If you are considering enrolling in the course do it!! You won’t regret it!!

Sarah Mead

When I started Limitless Money, I was full of lack and scarcity about money, and very strongly believed that you must work hard to make money. This course made me realize that I had been treating money like an obsessive-but-moody girlfriend, always checking up on it and wondering why it wasn’t bowing to my every whim, but meanwhile, not giving much in return. Now, I am very close to believing in my core that money is neutral and it’s just a vessel for exchange. I am now able to see how beautiful the flow of money is in the world, even when paying those “bills”. I just made my first “incremental upgrade” in my life by hiring a cleaner – something I used to say that I would NEVER do – and am starting to feel more relaxed and calm about money, especially when spending.

This course empowered me to raise my prices AND stick to them (rather than discounting) despite the fears I was having that a potential client would view those prices as too high, and I signed my first client at my increased prices.

Before this course, I “wanted” to believe that I could make enough money in my side business to leave my corporate job, but now I truly believe that it’s possible to make even MORE than my corporate job.

Enrolling in this course was the best money I could spend on a personal and business level. It has changed how I view everything since money is so connected to everything!

Angela Gillmeister

OMG I have manifested so much since I bought the course – A Landrover defender – yes I really made that happen after around 2 years of ‘wanting’. I have also manifested a soap making workshop! 18 months to 2 years ahead of schedule. Infact, I can honestly say that my 2 year vague plan has all been manifested in the last 5 months since purchasing Limitless Money, I have started a new business, taught 3 fully booked soap making workshops, have another 2 booked in for the first quarter of next year which are also fully booked and written an eBook! I would NEVER has done all this without the kick up the backside the LM course and the podcast have given me. Cori is a genius.

I would say, without a doubt, just do it – It is one of the best investments I have made in myself and my businesses and I would not hesitate to describe purchasing the course as ‘life changing’.

You only need to see what I have achieved in the last few months to recognise that. The audio nature of the course makes it easy to fit in no matter what your lifestyle.

Keri Squibb

The Soap Coach | The Dog and I

This course has been a huge part in shifting my money mindset completely and reminding me of the lies that seep in to keep us small!

I feel so much more open to receiving money!

I no longer pause before putting forward my price and I spend a lot less time thinking how much I WANT to charge for my services. My monthly income has generally been higher when I’ve actually put the work in teamed with this strengthened mindset! But I’ve also felt a lot less worried about times I’ve wanted to take a break.

It’s a brilliant investment you can refer to again and again. If you’re ready to finally shift your attitude towards money, do it!


Saskia Crawley

Copywriter & Brand Strategist for kids & family brands

I loved Cori’s course! I can’t wait to go through it again.

It will transform your relationship with money and will transform your business.

My monthly income has roughly doubled on an average basis since taking the course! I feel a new sense of appreciation for money and feel wide open to welcoming more of it into my life. I feel a whole new energy around sales activities and find myself saying often ‘I love money’ which I never would have said before.

This course has given me the tools to impart this message of abundance to my girls. I can’t recommend the course highly enough!


Limitless Money was a big turning point for me. I began to observe and then change limiting beliefs in all areas of my life. I really took note of my relationship with money, as I realised I was in a deeply ingrained lack mentality. That filtered down into all aspects of my life. It’s like you lifted the lid on my limitless self. Just with that one course! Amazing!

I now feel so free, in every way. I feel abundant, joyful, happy and generally buzzing with life!!

Money comes to me easily, it’s like the door was always a bit stuck and seriously hard work to open! Now it has been oiled and fixed and it opens easily, and readily, letting in all the abundance!

This course is absolute gold, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone… even if you think you have no issues, it will boost your alignment even more! I listen to it again and again to make sure I’m always on the right path. Thank you Cori.

Tonja Mills

Since starting the course and adjusting my money mindset, money seems to come in when I least expect it!

I realised that I had inherited a negative money mindset from my parents. My dad did the pools and there was this saying ‘one day we will be millionaires’ – just like Delboy in Only Fools and Horses! My dad had a great job as did my mum but money was always spent before it was earned and there wasn’t a belief that money could be earned and kept.

I realised my beliefs were limiting me – I believed I wasn’t able to earn a certain amount, I didn’t let myself want to earn over a certain amount as I didn’t believe it would happen.

Limitless Money helped me to level up my money mindset and I set a stretch money goal for my first month and by the second month, I had managed it!

The way Cori talks about money, very much with respect is great. I really took on board that money itself is not bad and not as the old saying goes; “money is the root of all evil”. Money is neutral and it’s up to us what we do with it, what value we place on it.

I felt empowered by this and now feel much more in control.I feel worthy and able to earn as much money as I would like to.
I just need to be open to it and of course, have a plan. Cori talks about levelling up energy and manifesting …. although it might sound a bit ‘woo’ it really feels true and right when you clear any negative neural pathways.

I return to different chapters of the money mindset course all the time as I try to alter my money mindset for good.

Hannah Robb

With this groundbreaking course Limitless Money, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 9 all-audio modules
  • That’s it!**

** No workbooks, homework, videos to watch, checklists or ebooks

Just teaching and transformation with zero time to carve out.

So refreshing, right?!

Oh and, you know… a completely transformed relationship with money and a feeling of Limitlessness… along with those 9 modules 🙂

Course Outline

Part One

Healing Your Relationship with Money

I’ll teach you my fast and effective way of removing mindset blocks and limiting beliefs and to release old money stories and then replace them with new stories and beliefs that will serve you better as the creator of Limitless Money. It’s time to change your mind about money and own your desires so you can step into a new reality, feeling totally supported by money.

Module 1: Welcome to a New Way of Creating Money

Module 2: Clearing the Path

Module 3: Desiring More

Module 4: Your New Relationship with Money

Part Two

Level Up to Be Limitless

This is where some next-level magic happens. I’ll teach you the fast-track process to shift your energy so that you can raise the bar of your energetic minimums to hit your income goals and create that next level lifestyle, on repeat. And we won’t stop there, because I’ll be teaching you how to pass on an abundance mindset to your children so you can be the catalyst for change and empower future generations to lead a life of abundance. Get ready to be Limitless.

Module 5: Fast Track to the Next Money Level

Module 6: Legacy of Abundance

Module 7: The Energy and Frequency of More Money

Part Three

Shifts On Demand

Sometimes we just need to shift our mindsets and get unstuck, FAST, right? You know, like when you set yourself a new money goal but then the doubt starts to creep in and you start feeling like maybe it’s not possible and wonder if you should lower your goal? You don’t need to lower your goal, you need to get unstuck!

These short, sharp, laser-focused audio learnings have been created for you to Listen, Shift and Go! Use them anytime, anywhere to get unstuck and back on track to Limitless Money.

Bonus Audio Transformations

Listen to one of these daily to raise your frequency and step into the vibration of the wealthy mother that you truly are and get a head start on attracting that Limitless Money 🙂

Accountability Check Ins

Look, this course has been created in a very specific and entirely unique way to make it as simple as possible for you to actually complete. But I know that even with this being true, a little added accountability can go a long way to getting you off to the right start. That’s why, after signing up I’ll personally send you three accountability check ins to give you the boost you need to make sure you’re well on your way to receiving Limitless Money.

More money mindset love

Since working with Cori my relationship and attitude to money has TOTALLY changed.

I wasn’t comfortable with selling and I realised my beliefs around money were that it was something that made me greedy, dirty or bad (and they ran PRETTY deep!).

Thanks to her support, I’ve been able to choose new beliefs that empowered me to receive my first clients and build my business from a place of abundance. And to give my energy and talent from that overflow.

Now I see simple see money as a tool I get to choose to do good with. To change lives with. To be generous with. To create amazing things with.

Now I can say without guilt or shame that I want to make (serious!) money.

I proudly own that desire and believe in my ability to make that my reality.


For me, working with Cori allowed me to realise what I have already achieved and what I’m good at, bringing my focus and attention to the positive. Her help with working on my Money Mindset has been crucial in me moving my business forward.

She supported me to realise that my long term goals could all be short term wins, by simply facing the fears and making things happen! She fought my corner of doubt and allowed me to realise that I can achieve much more than I was allowing myself to.

I had my biggest cash month yet when working with Cori and she has set me on the path to success. Each time those fears start creeping in, I close my eyes and work on my Mindset. Her templates are fantastic and the little reminders that I sometimes need to keep me on track.


Working with Cori has been a life changer for me. Not only is she an absolutely amazing and beautiful person inside and out, but she is a brilliant coach. She has helped me with strategy for my business, but her help with mindset has been absolutely the biggest reason behind my business’s quick success. I had no idea about mindset work before working with Cori, and her guidance on it has helped me overcome so many hurdles around balance and money.

My money mindset work with Cori has helped me uncover limiting beliefs around money and success that I had no idea were there or were related to business at all. I have put her mindset work into practice and it has become a part of my morning every day. She helped me to overcome a lack mentality and now I can easily change those lack/negative thoughts to positive ones when they pop up and feel so much more at peace and abundant. Also, working on my money mindset with Cori helped me to break through my upper limit I had subconsciously set for myself and helped me to feel that I truly am limitless.

Since working with Cori (7 months so far, and I can’t imagine doing this without her!), I was able to leave my well paying 9-5 as a clinician after just 3 months of working together and am so happy to now get to be working in a business that lights me up at home with my two sons. I have now replaced my corporate salary after just 7 months of working together and just 4 months in my business “full” time, working part time hours and living my best life with my boys. She has helped me have the confidence to nail selling, copywriting, and raise my prices (and we are about to raise them again!) and to really open myself to receiving money and success. Once we did some deep work on my money mindset, within 1 month I had smashed through my big income goal which was double the previous month’s income and 10 times what I made in my business the first month I worked with Cori!

I cannot recommend Cori or anything she touches highly enough. When I first started working with her I doubted that my business could even make enough money that I needed to make just to get by (mind you, I have been and still am the sole income in our family!). She guided me from that to not only replacing my corporate salary, making more than enough to support my family, to now scaling my business and taking on team members and has got me feeling confident that me and my business can do absolutely anything. 🙂


How it works...

You get access to all of the modules right away.

  • But you do this course whenever it suits you.
  • You get unlimited replays.
  • You have course content for life.
  • Plus access to any future additions to the content.

If you have any questions about Limitless Money course at all, send them to and we’ll happily answer

After this one-of-a-kind learning experience, you will have:

Mended your relationship with money, forgiven past money events and released the negative money stories that have been holding you back

Learned how to use your mind to create more money, leaving behind the old requirement to hustle, grind and sacrifice

Shifted through and ditched old, limiting and negative beliefs about money and reprogrammed your mind with new, empowering beliefs so that you can create the limitless money that you truly desire

Learned how to level up your mindset to hit a new income goal or create that next level lifestyle, fast, so that you can do it again and again
Discovered how to step into your Limitless Mother potential to earn Limitless Money

Once you have learned how to earn Limitless Money, how you spend it is entirely up to you!

Maybe for you, it looks like saying yes to the organic food you want, working 25 hours a week or less and always earning more and saying yes to frequent travel with your family.

(ok, so that was my vision of financial success!)

Whatever more money will mean for you and your family… it’s time to get excited! Because I’m here to teach you how to make that happen.

The Investment

Pay in full: $597

Payment plan: 4x payments of $167

This course is priced at just $597 to make it as accessible as possible because the first step to changing our truth around money is believing we deserve to invest in ourselves and actually get what we want.

I’m not looking to create barriers. I’m looking to get this in the hands of as many mothers as possible, so while 1:1 coaching with me is priced at £20,000 (and according to my clients, is worth double that!), I priced this course at $597 for this very reason and even added a payment plan, meaning you can get started today for just $167.

There is so much value in this course and women have been getting such incredible results that Limitless Money will be increasing in price next time round but I really, REALLY want you to feel like you can have this if you need it.

And the truth is? You can.

You can make this work for you, you can shift your mindset right now from a place of lack and fear to a place of possibility.

You can click on the button below with a clear intention to change your financial reality, energised by taking this first step.

Got a question, concern or hesitation?

Send me a Facebook message here:

Seriously, I’ll personally reply.

And if your finger (or mouse cursor) is hovering over that “DM CORI” button just like it has been hovering over those shiny green enrolment buttons… let me ask you something:
If you’re not even willing to reach out and say “Hey, I love the look of this but I’m unsure or afraid…” then how can you get unstuck, my love?

As your self-appointed business bestie, I really challenge you to overcome that and take the first step towards what you want by hitting that button and letting me know what’s on your mind.

Here it is again. Go on, do it. I want to hear from you 🙂