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 Hey Mama Friend!

I need your help with something.

I want to invite you to be part of my team of Limitless Launch Ladies to share my podcast launching soon, The Limitless Mother.

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All I need from you is to share the podcast (and maybe leave a sparkly review if you love it) and in return I want to give you at least one gift… AND the chance to win some incredible prizes in return.

Here’s what’s on offer...

The First Gift
Grab your FREE Perfect Pricing Plug & Play template (1).png

As a welcome gift for signing up, I am letting you get your hands on one of my much-coveted templates (which are usually reserved for exclusive use by my private coaching clients)... For FREE.  

The Perfect Pricing Plug & Play template is made for the woman who is ready to start pricing right and earning right.
Get clear on your income goals, plug your numbers in and voila! You've nailed your new pricing.

The Second Gift

For everyone that joins in with the launch activities (more on that in a sec) I will be giving you FREE access to my course Manifest Like A Mother™.

If you know me, then you know that I have manifested the life of my dreams.  

  • Replacing my corporate salary within 3 months of launching…
  • Doubling it within 7...
  • Celebrating my biggest cash month to date (at that point) in August while spending half the month in France and only working 47 hours in TOTAL for the whole month…

All of that was created by harnessing my powers of manifestation.

My Manifest Like A Mother™ course is here to help you learn how to create a life of joy and abundance for yourself using my tools and techniques.

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The Prizes.png
But I’m not stopping there! Oh no.

There will be 3 prizes for 3 ladies who help the most with my Limitless Mother Podcast launch.

The winners will receive:
  • 3rd Place: A FREE one hour Success Coaching Call (value: £249)

  • 2nd Place: A FREE 2-Hour Money Mindset Intensive (value: £497)

  • 1st Place: A FREE 6-Week Sales Confidence Coaching Package (value: £1345)
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Would you love an hour of my undivided laser-focused attention?  Let’s dive into what is currently keeping your business stuck and arm you with a plan of attack to start moving forward towards that vision of success.

money mindset intensive.png

Is it time to change your financial reality?  It starts with your mindset.

How would  you like to pinpoint then dismantle your key money mindset blocks; develop a strategy to reprogram your money mindset with new, more supporting beliefs about money; and come away armed with the tools you need to ditch the old money stories that have been keeping you stuck and start creating a new financial reality for you and your family?

Good right?  You can find out more about this prize here.


sales confidence coaching.png

I have never given this away before!  
Get prepared for some serious results if you win.

After our 6 weeks together, you will walk away having learned how to start finding and booking new, ideal clients with ease; you will have completely changed how you feel about selling so it is a breeze; you will have ditched the dread and will actually look forward to sales conversations AND convert them and you will never have to worry again about the work (and money) trying up, because you know how to sell!

Find out more about my Sales Confidence package here.


Because, quite simply: I need your help.

And I value your time massively.  So I want to make sure you are getting WAY more back than I am asking you to put in.

I am launching my podcast - The Limitless Mother Podcast - this month.  I feel so passionately about spreading my message: that we are NOT limited by motherhood, that we get to be successful BECAUSE we are mothers, not in spite of it.  And I want my podcast to educate, inspire and empower women to create and attract more ideal clients, more time freedom and more money. I want to teach as many women as I can how to balance motherhood and business beautifully.  
That’s my mission.

So I need your help in spreading this message.  One that, I am betting you are on board with and interested in sharing too.

What's Involved?

You’re probably wondering how you can bag yourself one of these prizes right?

Well, like I said; you get the Perfect Pricing Template for FREE just as a welcome gift when you sign up. And then…

  • To get FREE access to my Manifest Like A Mother™ course; you just need to share my podcast in one place and write me a review on iTunes. That’s it! So simple, right?
  • For your chance to WIN one of the 3 prizes; you simply need to earn as many points as you can.
  • You get 1 point for leaving a review on iTunes and 1 point for each time you share about the podcast on social media.
  • The 3 people with the most points, win the prizes.

And to make it as easy and quick for you to share, I’ll be sending you everything you need in advance.  We’re talking swipe graphics, swipe copy, how-to videos; the works.