Let’s Take Back Control

Flexibility and Fulfilment?  You can have them both.  Stop believing the same lies that I told myself for too many years.

Here’s what I now know to be true: we don’t have to trade flexibility for fulfilment.

Did I always know that?  Absolutely not.

Flexibility and Fulfilment?  You can have them both. Stop believing the same lies that I told myself for too many years.

Here’s what I now know to be true: we don’t have to trade flexibility for fulfilment.

Did I always know that?  Absolutely not.

For several years after I had my daughter I stayed in the corporate space, definitely not having my world rocked, but feeling like I had no choice.

That was a lie I had unwittingly told myself.

I had fought tooth and nail to obtain a flexible work arrangement.  The clue is in the word “arrangement”.  This was not a new, part-time contract.  This was an “arrangement”.  Something that was granted – eventually – by my employer and could be taken away WHOOSH! on a whim [whenever the “business could no longer support it”].  

That made me feel like my position was precarious.

That made me feel like I should be grateful for my hard-won 30 hours squeezed into 3.5 days arrangement.

That made me feel like I had to just suck it up if I wasn’t enamoured with my job because I had – for the time being at least – a flexible work arrangement.  The holy grail.

I felt stuck.

So I stayed, trading fulfilment for the flexibility that was important to me as a mother.

I did find some fulfilment in that role, but not enough.  I did not feel excited to go to work.  I didn’t feel like I was lit up by my work.

I didn’t think I could ask for that.


Then, the rug was well and truly pulled out from under me: I was at risk of redundancy.

I started to look for jobs outside of the company.

What did I find?  

A pretty dire situation for anyone expecting a decent wage, some flexibility, and maybe even, but not necessarily, a modicum of fulfilment.

When I looked at the job market, all I saw were compromises.  Trades.

Want something part-time?  Great!  But you’ll have to cut your pay in half (at least).

Want something interesting that uses your brain and/or talents?  Great! But you’ll have to move to London.

Want to earn decent money?  Great!  But forget part-time, and be ok with working extra hours to prove your worth.

I looked around and this was what I saw.

So I made a decision.

I said “F*CK THIS SH*T!”.

I am not trading anymore.  I am going to make the rules.  I am not letting someone else decide what I get.  I am TAKING BACK CONTROL.

I will create something that is FLEXIBLE, FULFILLING and PROFITABLE.  

Why the hell shouldn’t I?

So I told my husband that after I was made redundant I wasn’t going to look for another job.  I was going to start my own business.  I was going to follow my passion.  I was going to be fulfilled by my work.  I was going to be in control of my schedule, my work/life balance.  I was going to make plenty of money.

I just decided.

And guess what?  I am making it happen!  Work is no longer a chore.  I no longer have that dread of Mondays.  When I talk about what I do, I feel excited, enthusiastic, lit up.  I am in charge of my schedule.

I make the rules.

I want to help you make yours.

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