Here’s the vibe:

You, your beverage of choice plus me, my tea and my laser-beam focused energy and attention pouring into your business.

We’re going deep, my love.

90 minutes of shifting, activating, elevating, planning and scheming.

I can bend time (did you know this?) and we’ll activate more transformation in that 90 minutes than you might have experienced in the last 12 months.

Completely bespoke, tailored to where you’re at in biz, what you desire and what works for you, your life, your energy, your zone of genius.

You emerge embodying a new energy and armed with an elegant and simple to execute plan.

What follows is 2 luxurious weeks of intimate, 1:1 messaging support while you elevate and implement.  Your questions?  Answered.  Nothing too big, too silly or too small.  Sticky mindset blocks?  Dissolved.  Your next level energy?  Fully activated.

The investment: £1997 (inc VAT).  

I think we can agree this is not only a rare-as-hens-teeth opportunity (given that I only ever have 1 VIP 6-month client spot and it’s always full) and an absolute steal (that 6 month VIP spot currently costs £33,000).

Ready to be a VIP?