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Fund the Dream Life: The step-by-step guide to creating a business that provides the money and the time you need to live YOUR Dream Life

The past 6 years have been wild –

From NOT living the dream:

Burnt out and overwhelmed in corporate, struggling to balance work and motherhood, and feeling like I was failing on all fronts.  Never having enough money.  To unemployed, uncertain and with no plan…

To Living The Dream 1.0:
Making 6-figures+ in my own business, working 20 hours a week, LOVING my work, and having plenty of time for my daughter and plenty of time for me.  Making more than enough money to do all the things that I previously dreamed of: the longer, uplevelled holidays, a cleaner, personal trainer, being able to shop at the nice supermarket and buy all the organic food, monthly spa days…

To Living the Dream 2.0:
Having retired my husband and pulled my daughter out of school, we are currently spending a full year travelling around Europe before we settle down on our own off-grid homestead in rural Ireland.

For the past 6 years, my business has been supporting me and now my entire family in doing whatever the heck we like.  It has been the thing making the Dream Life the
real life for us.

I want the same for you.

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Only YOU can know exactly what your dream life for you and your family looks like…

But here are just some of the dream details that my clients have made reality (I’m guessing many will resonate!):

  • Never working weekends, having at least one full weekday off just for you
  • Taking August off every year and spending it abroad with the fam
  • Having bigger, longer, more frequent, more luxury holidays
  • Taking a sabbatical to tune into your most aligned vision for your future
  • Doing work that doesn’t feel like work because you love it so much, you never need to hustle and you’re obsessed with your clients
  • Regular spa days - sometimes solo, sometimes treating your bestie or Mom
  • Hiring a personal trainer
  • Membership at the fancy club
  • Hiring the cleaner to come twice a week, outsourcing your laundry
  • Shopping at the up-market place and buying all the gorgeous organic food you could wish for
  • Regular meals out with your bestie, hubby or the whole fam
  • Having your car valeted weekly because the dream life involves almost daily beach trips and lots of sand
  • Hiring a stylist to create an incredible and flattering new wardrobe
  • Buying the epic plot of land with stunning views to build your dream home on
  • Retiring your husband or funding his sabbatical
  • Paying for the private school, the horse riding, the school ski trip and whatever else would feel great to provide for your kids
  • Ultimately: options and choices. The ability to say “yes!” to more of the things that make life amazing

What I know for sure is that there are only 2 practical things standing between you and your Dream Life:

1. Time

2. Money

What I’ve perfected over the years is the Dream Life Business Method:

My method of designing, creating and growing a business FAST – without the hustle and long hours.  A business that gives you the time, money and fulfilment ON THE WAY to fully living whatever is YOUR particular next level Dream Life.

And I’m packaging up this method, which has helped dozens of clients live their Dream Lives, and laying it all out step-by-step for you in my brand new course:

Funding the Dream

While I can’t share allll the juicy details with you just yet…

I do know this: 

In true Cori fashion, this will be a course unlike any other –

Because unlike 99% of the business courses out there, 

THIS course will teach you how to start enjoying more money and more time WHILE you create and grow your business… WHILE you’re doing the course.  Not after.  Not someday.

“work hard now and then maybe you get the time freedom to go with the money later” B.S.

The same methods that I used to NEVER hustle in the creation of my business.  To NEVER work long hours or feel like I had to choose between motherhood, time or me and making money.

The same methods that have my mastermind clients celebrating £50k months, doing their soul’s work, making an impact and all while enjoying tons of time off.

(The wins we celebrated for two of my clients on a mastermind call yesterday as I’m typing this!)

Are you ready for the time AND money to live your Dream Life?