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Identify and Attract Your Social Media Tribe


5 Days to Finding Your People to Bring in More Ideal Clients and More Cash

Would you like to find your social media tribe to bring in more clients and more money?

Every online business needs a tribe to survive.  Build a tribe of raving fans, loyal supporters and brand ambassadors and better yet, your business will THRIVE.

I often find that my clients already understand the need for and value of their own social media tribe but are either frustrated by their progress so far or haven’t yet created a winning strategy for finding, connecting and converting their tribe.

This challenge is made for YOU if:

  • You feel like you don’t know where to start to find your social media tribe
  • You aren’t sure how to use social media to attract your ideal clients and convert them to paying clients
  • You aren’t even exactly sure who your ideal clients might be
  • You feel like social media is such a noisy, crowded space that you aren’t sure how to speak so that your ideal tribe will listen

Join me for my 5 day challenge in which I’m going to help you:

  • Get clear on your ideal clients so you can find them online
  • Understand the key to start attracting your tribe and stop attracting the wrong people so you can do less work and receive more reward
  • Find out exactly where your tribe are hanging out so you are no longer guessing or stressing
  • Make connections, build relationships and use social media to finally make sales

If the thought of being shown how to Identify and Attract Your Social Media Tribe so you can start welcoming in new people, signing new clients and making more money sounds great, then let’s get started!

Find your Tribe and welcome in more clients and more money

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Hello! I'm Cori
I'm a success coach for entrepreneurial mothers.

I help mums find more clients, make more money and create more balance in their lives.

As a mum and business owner myself, I know that you don't have time for trial and error or to enroll in lengthy, time consuming courses. I know that you need concise, actionable advice. So I've created this short and snappy 5 day challenge to get you well on your way to creating or growing your tribe and bringing in more clients and making more sales.

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Are you ready to find and grow your Social Media Tribe?