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The Money’s In the List: Email Nurture Sequence Template


Those aren't just numbers on your email list, they are people.  It's time to start building and nurturing relationships with those people on your list.  When you love on your list?  That's when you build true community.  That's when your list are excited to open your emails.  Like my list for example.  I can boast an average open rate of DOUBLE industry standard.  And an engaged list?  Yep, that leads to sales.

Here's what you get in this template:

  • A Google Doc template that tells you what to write in each email. Simply fill in the blanks and voila! A strategic nurture sequence of seven emails that gets your people engaging, coming back for more and converting
  • My secret tried and tested tips for boosting email engagement (a.k.a. open rate and click rate)
  • PLUS: A Limitless Mother Template wouldn't be a template without my signature Dash of Woo!

What people are saying:


Because I know you know your stuff, getting the template from you means I can shortcut that whole horrible 'hours of research' bit and just get on with (finally!) creating the sequence!"
- Elisha Ward, Make My Life Work