I need your help with something.

I want to invite you to be part of my Dream Team to share my new YouTube channel: Cori Lives the Dream Life.

All I need from you is to take at least one of my suggested actions to help get the word out and in return, I want to give you an AMAZING gift… AND the chance to win some incredible prizes in return.

Here’s what’s on offer…


As a welcome gift for signing up, I am letting you get your hands on one of my most-coveted templates (which is currently reserved for exclusive use by my private coaching clients)... For FREE.

The Guided Meditation template is made for the woman who is ready to uplevel her belief and from there, her life.

If you know my story, you know that I went from burnt out and overwhelmed in corporate to making 6-figures working 25 hours a week max (back then) within a very short timeframe.

What changed? My mindset did.

And Guided Meditations were the tool I leveraged again and again to reprogram my beliefs.


But I’m not stopping there! Oh no.

I’m doing a prizedraw for the ladies who help with my Cori Lives the Dream Life launch, whoop whoop!

TWO women will be picked at random to receive:

FREE Lifetime Access to Limitless Money (value: $597)

And the lady who helps the MOST will receive

FREE Lifetime Access to Limitless Money PLUS A Personalised Private Podcast Episode, just for her (total value: £1500)

Is it time to change your financial reality so you can bankroll YOUR dream life?  It starts with your money mindset.

How would you like to pinpoint then dismantle your key money mindset blocks that have been keeping you stuck; quickly and easily reprogram your money mindset with new, more supporting beliefs about money; and come away armed with the tools you need to uplevel your mindset and with it, your bank balance, on repeat?

If you’re ready less worry and more woohooo about money then this is the course for you.

Good right?  You can find out more about this epic prize here



I have never given this away before! This is HUGE!!!

After finding out what YOUR dream life looks like, what you want to be, do and have and how you’d love your life to change over the course of the next year --

I’ll create the MOTHER of all pep-talks, just for you.

Think of it like a life-changing coaching session, a potent podcast episode and a game-changing guided meditation rolled into one. Made for your ears only, unique and activating to you.

Pop in those airpods any time you want to elevate your energy and your thinking to new heights so you can manifest your dream life.


Because quite simply: I need your help.

And I value your time massively.  So I want to make sure you are getting WAY more back than I am asking you to put in.

I am launching my YouTube channel- Cori Lives the Dream Life – this month.  I feel so passionately about spreading my message: that we are NOT limited by motherhood, that we get to be successful BECAUSE we are mothers, not in spite of it.  And I want my podcast to educate, inspire and empower women to create and attract more ideal clients, more time freedom and more money.  I want to teach as many women as I can how to balance motherhood and business beautifully.  That’s my mission.

So I need your help in spreading this message.  One that, I am betting you are on board with and interested in sharing too.


You’re probably wondering how you can bag yourself one of these prizes right?

Well, like I said; you get the Guided Meditation Template for FREE just as a welcome gift when you sign up.

To be in with a chance of winning lifetime access to Limitless Money (usually $597); you simply take at least one action from the list of suggested actions I’ll send when you sign up (easy things like commenting on a video, liking, subscribing, that kind of thing).  Then I’ll pick 2 winners at random from everyone who joins in.  That’s it!  So simple, right?

For your chance to WIN the top prize, of your very own personalised, private podcast episode, see how many points you can collect.  You collect 1 point for each action from the list that you take.

The person with the most points wins the TOP prize.

Together, let’s create a ripple effect of empowerment and inspire others to live their most abundant, joy-filled lives. I can’t wait to welcome you to the Dream Team!