What I most enjoy about working with Cori is her complete honesty and punctuality on helping me and answering questions. I can feel that she is always her authentic self and that is why I was attracted to work with her in the first place. Since I have been working with Cori I have been able to implement automated email lists, landing pages, Instagram feed and hashtags, grow my group, [she has helped] facilitate a book launch and facilitate a course launch. And she has helped me so much with how to word and format my website, emails etc.

Since I have begun working with Cori she has given me so much confidence in the tech world and also helps me to work through any blocks I have given myself about this. I would highly recommend Cori to anyone! She is a real woman that is always authentic and she’s so talented with business and life skills.

Cathlene Miner

Manifesting, Fitness, Self Perception & Business Mentor

I started working with Cori because I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload and unable to move forward. Cori has helped me to break down aspects of my business into manageable pieces. I was struggling to organise my current to-do list, whilst also planning for the future, in the time I had available around family life. Cori helped me to create strategies and introduced me to systems to help me with the day to day running of my business. Also being a business owner, spending a lot of time working on my own, I can struggle with self-doubt. Cori has helped me to realise and acknowledge my achievements, whilst also being a cheerleader, supporting me on my journey as a Woman in Business and a Mother juggling family life. Working with Cori has been a great investment for my business and for me.


Owner & Founder of Mama Tribe

It’s great having a sounding board with someone who has a wealth of experience in the corporate world and the entrepreneurial world too! Cori has a warm and friendly manner and pushes me just the right amount towards making my business work for ME. I reached out to her in a time of great need, and I feel already in 4 months I have made so much progress and she has helped me so much in putting systems down that will help me. As a solopreneur, she has really been amazing for me!

I feel more confident in what I am doing, I have clearer goals to work towards, and I feel more energised and ready to tackle any hurdles that come my way! Yes, of course, I would recommend Cori! She has helped me so much. Not only as a coach but also in my business, my mindset and is she has helped me see how I can grow my business to serve my needs as well.


Owner & Found of Entreprenursery

I instantly connected with Cori and I love how open and honest she is about her experiences. I think the relatability factor is key as you feel she really ‘gets it’ and truly knows what it feels like to be in the same position. Since working with Cori I can wholeheartedly say my life has changed for the better! This has had a huge ripple effect on my business and personal life. So much so that part way through the course I took my business to the next level and scaled up! I feel empowered, my confidence and self-belief has increased 10 fold. I would highly recommend Cori. She is totally awesome! I have such a deep connection with her. Words cannot describe how she has changed my life!


Owner of The Hip Hooray Company

Cori was soooo supportive and helpful. I really felt like I was at ease and that I could be completely honest with how I was feeling, what my challenges were and my personal struggles. Already I feel like I can make a change and develop my business in a new and exciting way. Cori’s attitude and approach make you turn everything into a positive, nothing drags her down and she won’t let anything drag you down either. I think the clarity I have got and my approach to money, how I view and how I value myself and my self-belief I think will return in spades and I can feel that. Would I recommend Cori to others? ABSOLUTELY – yes!! She is fun, friendly, approachable, always there to help, supportive and focused – she keeps you on the path you need because she believes in you. She has the faith in you that you can’t find yourself and most importantly she helps you find that and hold on it. ”


Owner of Digital Bon Bons

I love working with Cori. She has a response or every question or problem I face. She gave so much clarity and personalized sales plan that made me feel so confident in sales. Working with Cori gave me such drive that I booked my calendar out for two weeks straight! I highly recommend working with Cori she is a dream!

Maria Wik

Life Coach

I have known Cori for a couple months prior to enrolling in the “Manifesting Like a Mother” Course so felt an instant connection with her and the course content. She always makes you feel like she’s talking directly to you and everything is so relevant. She has a really easy going, personable approach to the way she appears in video content and makes you feel like she’s sitting in the same room as you having a chat. She speaks in an easy to understand way so it’s not formal but clear and concise and she is so ready to share her knowledge freely. She goes above and beyond what you might expect in an online course. The course delivery is formatted extremely well so it’s easy to enroll and complete each module. Since doing the “Manifesting Like a Mother” Course, my whole approach to my business and my personal life has improved greatly. I was lacking direction and purpose in both areas of my life, doubting my abilities. By doing the course, I was able to break it down, piece by piece, lift any negative beliefs and starting believing in my abilities. It has had a profound affect on my personal life by improving my self worth, improving my confidence, given me the tools to turn any negative situations into positive ones and basically manifest anything I want. I have implemented time for ‘me’, I have already started living the lifestyle I dream of which I never noticed was possible before. Money has started to come freely into my business and my home. Since doing the course, I have started to see the vision of my success more clearly and that it is absolutely attainable. I have seen dramatic improvement in my sales, my social media followers, feedback from fans and by doing the course, has given me a clearer direction of where I would like to be. It has given me hope and confidence in that I know what I’m doing in my business is worthwhile and that I will be successful. I highly recommend Cori to anyone who might be doubting why they should be in business, how to improve their money making potential, how to improve their outlook on life and how to receive anything you want. Cori’s coaching style, her professional approach to course delivery and her support along the way is the best I’ve come across and will continue to use Cori’s services in my business ventures.

Anne Murphy

Blogger & Owner of Domesblissity

Cori was so inspiring and positive, she is such a breath of fresh air. She was able to offer sound advice on any question or worry I had. As a result of working with Cori I have been able to focus in on what I want to get out of my business and have the ability to clear through any limiting beliefs. I have a better understanding of who my ideal client is and have been working on where to find them. I have also gained a new client as a direct result of the course which is super exciting. My outlook is so much more positive. I have always been a glass half full kind of girl but I feel even brighter! I have been using affirmations to manifest the life I want to lead and it is working! Absolutely, if you are looking for someone down to earth, who has been there and done it and is passionate about seeing other mums succeed in business then Cori is for you.

Carly Rose


Cori was on point, professional and infectiously at ease, we instantly struck a rapport which allowed us to achieve excellent results. Sales communication and public speaking don’t come naturally to me, yet Cori showed me ways to enjoy the process and speak from a place of self-belief and conviction. She helped me shift my fears and realise a new found confidence. Now, through understanding the process and structure, along with a few techniques, I can focus on delivering the value of my message with clarity. I highly recommend Cori and will certainly spread the word with gratitude, I look forward to continuing working with her.

Kate Perry

Founder of Wiserr

Cori made me realise that even the areas I work in every day are best met with a fresh pair of eyes. I now have brand new ideas about how to market my services in ways which suit my target audiences and have so many areas to explore when it comes to my own branding. I feel confident that I’m going to open my business up to a whole range of new clients that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across. I can really recommend Cori to give your business a reboot or a bit of TLC!

Laura Smith

Writer, Freelance Copywriter & Arts Facilitator

What I loved most about working with Cori was the support available at all times no matter what, she was always on hand to support, encourage and motivate. Since working with Cori I got my confidence back after feeling I had lost my mojo after having children. My mindset and mental health have improved dramatically and I hit a £60k month in one of my businesses, while the other went from 0 to 10 members! The list of results goes on! I would absolutely recommend Cori, I miss her loads!! Being a working Mum and entrepreneur…she gets it.


Working with Cori was really good fun. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Cori went the extra mile on more than one occasion. When I was procrastinating Cori stuck with me to help me get my content written and out there. Even when she was telling me to do the same thing again and again, she always did it with a smile 🙂

Since working with Cori I have enrolled a team to support me get stuff done, built systems to support my business growth. So that now I am able to serve more 1:1 clients and be fully present knowing all the background stuff is taken care of. Cori helped me to own the value and joy I bring to my client’s lives.

Cori brought me into the light so that now I am visible to the clients I can serve best, emerging entrepreneurs and business owners. As a Success Coach and Counsellor I support both personal and professional development to enable True Growth from within. Cori understood the business I wanted to build, reaching many through social channels and serving private coaching clients through 1:1s. I love to be part of my clients’ journey while they navigate graceful transformations to their life that leads to success. I am grateful to Cori for her patience and understanding. I really appreciate her sharing her knowledge and skills with me.


Business Success Coach

Cori is such an inspiration! I feel confident in my business and in my strategy to scale. Working with her has helped me to bring in more clients, create successful events and finally start my Facebook group! The daily support she provides is priceless and really helps you move past your mental blocks faster. Cori brings together business strategy and the mindset foundation you need to make it work. I’m able to do less work in my business and I’m getting better results which is so important to me as a mom of 3. I highly recommend Cori.



Cori knows her stuff!

I trust her judgment and it has been an incredible journey…everyone needs a Cori in their corner; she is always on hand when you need her.

Cori’s bright and cheery outlook makes her a joy to work with, she has a great work ethic and she has not only helped me in my business but also with my personal mindset too.

Cori is a magnificent champion booster and assisted me in achieving a clear direction for taking my business forward. Since working with Cori I have been able to set up all my business back-end, released a lead magnet, launched a challenge and have a consistent social media strategy in place. I now love doing my mindset work and have a good daily routine.


Cori Javid is simply amazing! I’ve been working with Cori for over a year, building my business from zero into a thriving business with 8 high-ticket one-on-one clients. Within one month of opening the doors on my business I had hit my initial money goals, and 12 months in I am now looking at how to scale to a 6 figure business while working just 20 hours per week! But the biggest wins are building my confidence. I had felt trapped in corporate and didn’t believe that there was a ‘different’ way to work until working with Cori. I now know that there is a better way and I am living that life daily. Cori helps me push through my mindset blocks, and lovingly calls me out when I am fighting something I don’t even notice myself. Cori has helped me develop my sales confidence, and to know and trust the value I offer to prospective clients – something I didn’t know I would feel. Quite simply, my business and I both thrive because I have Cori backing me every step of the way!


Working with Cori has been a life changer for me. Not only is she an absolutely amazing and beautiful person inside and out, but she is a brilliant coach. She has helped me with strategy for my business, but her help with mindset has been absolutely the biggest reason behind my business’s quick success. I had no idea about mindset work before working with Cori, and her guidance on it has helped me overcome so many hurdles around balance and money. My money mindset work with Cori has helped me uncover limiting beliefs around money and success that I had no idea were there or were related to business at all. I have put her mindset work into practice and it has become a part of my morning every day. She helped me to overcome a lack mentality and now I can easily change those lack/negative thoughts to positive ones when they pop up and feel so much more at peace and abundant. Also, working on my money mindset with Cori helped me to break through my upper limit I had subconsciously set for myself and helped me to feel that I truly am limitless. Since working with Cori (7 months so far, and I can’t imagine doing this without her!), I was able to leave my well paying 9-5 as a clinician after just 3 months of working together and am so happy to now get to be working in a business that lights me up at home with my two sons. I have now replaced my corporate salary after just 7 months of working together and just 4 months in my business “full” time, working part time hours and living my best life with my boys. She has helped me have the confidence to nail selling, copywriting, and raise my prices (and we are about to raise them again!) and to really open myself to receiving money and success. Once we did some deep work on my money mindset, within 1 month I had smashed through my big income goal which was double the previous month’s income and 10 times what I made in my business the first month I worked with Cori! I cannot recommend Cori or anything she touches highly enough. When I first started working with her I doubted that my business could even make enough money that I needed to make just to get by (mind you, I have been and still am the sole income in our family!). She guided me from that to not only replacing my corporate salary, making more than enough to support my family, to now scaling my business and taking on team members and has got me feeling confident that me and my business can do absolutely anything. 🙂


For me, working with Cori allowed me to realise what I have already achieved and what I’m good at, bringing my focus and attention to the positive. Her help with working on my Money Mindset has been crucial in me moving my business forward. She supported me to realise that my long term goals could all be short term wins, by simply facing the fears and making things happen! She fought my corner of doubt and allowed me to realise that I can achieve much more than I was allowing myself to. I had my biggest cash month yet when working with Cori and she has set me on the path to success. Each time those fears start creeping in, I close my eyes and work on my Mindset. Her templates are fantastic and the little reminder that I sometimes need to keep me back on track.


Working with Cori for the past two years has been absolutely invaluable to my business. She has helped me to break down so many barriers that I had built for myself. Her constant support and guidance has enabled me to blossom in confidence and really create an incredible work/life balance where I feel cool, calm and collected about my strategy going forward.

During our time together I have launched new products and services creating multiple income streams, increased my audience & visibility and this year I have had my best year yet after 12 years in business.

Thank you Cori for your unwavering positive energy and support. You’ve been my rock.


Working with Cori has been business changing.

I look forward to our calls so much as they bring so much clarity on my next steps. Having that person who holds you accountable for the actions you make is invaluable. Cori, gives so much structure and helps you organise your workload and breakdowns those big business goals so easily that everything becomes achievable. She is more than just a business coach. I love the relationship I have built with her, sometimes, I want to share my wins with her before my own family because she is just as passionate about the wins as you are!

I have worked with Cori for the last two years and I don’t think my business would be where it is right now without her support, guidance and advice. The work we have done together has brought in constant leads for the business, securing new clients consistently!

Working with Cori has meant I have been able to double my salary within a year of working together! I am hitting new money goals each month and ticking off business goals consistently.

Not only has Cori helped build the business with leads and grown my monthly cash flow, I have learnt so much from her. My mindset is in such a different place to where I was 2 years ago. I feel empowered. Cori works with you to determine not just business goals but how you want to lead your life and how you want to feel and she works closely with you to achieve that. Again, she breaks everything down into workable chunks that it all becomes a reality rather than a dream. If you ever have a wobble Cori is right there to put you back on track.

I highly recommend Cori!! She becomes your go-to person for most things in life! She lifts the weight off your shoulders and any overwhelm you may feel.