5 Ways You Could Be Using Automation NOW to Save Time in Your Business


Are you a fan or does the word make you instantly assume it’s going to be hard and techy?  I find people are generally divided on this one.

Either way, if you are a mother and a business owner (which I’m guessing you are) then you need to make friends with automation.  

Automation is the mother business owner’s best friend.

Is it time you set some new business boundaries so you can stop wasting time and start making more money?

Did you start your business in the hope to have a more flexible schedule and more time with your family?

Me too.

But maybe since starting your business you’ve become overwhelmed, squeezing work into any spare pocket of time at all hours of the day?

Or maybe you’re struggling to find enough time to dedicate to your business and are frustrated with how slow it is to get things up and running?

If you are feeling overwhelmed time-wise in your business, you’re unlikely to have the time or mental energy to think of new ways to generate income for your business.

Why NOW is the time to stop holding yourself back

Let me ask you something:

Are you holding yourself back?


Is that a little presumptuous of me?  Maybe a little bit, but the thing is we ALL hold ourselves back from time to time.  I know I have many times.

The worst part is, we hold ourselves back from doing things which are in some way scary, yes, but which could make us SO HAPPY.

How To Get Strategic With Your Social Media

I want to ask you something.  

How strategic are you being with social media for your business? Do you have an overall strategy?  Do you know what you are trying to achieve with social media?  Or are your intentions a bit vague?  Do you just post and hope for the best?