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Want to learn the 7 Steps I Followed to Replace My Corporate Salary in Less Than 3 Months Whilst Working 25 Hour Weeks?

  • Have you been feeling like motherhood places limitations on your ability to create business success?
  • Do you find yourself scratching your head as to how you can grow your income without growing your hours?
  • Are you unsure how to go about building a profitable business while still showing up as the kind of mother you want to be?

Well lady, you are in luck!  I think most mothers feel this way and no one is giving them the solution.  So this is exactly why I created this Busy Mama's Guide to Success!

Within just 3 months of starting my business I had replaced my corporate (Investment Banking) salary and within 7 I had doubled that.  All while working flexibly around my daughter's schedule.  

And now I am living the dream:
Busy Mother's Guide To Success
  • doing work that I adore and which lights me up
  • working 25 hours a week, often less
  • getting paid handsomely for it

But make no mistake: this fast success was not down to luck.

I set out with a mission to create a Flexible, Fulfilling & Profitable business and help other mothers to do the same.

But some of the steps I took to get there may well surprise you.  

That's why I put together this ebook mapping out for you the exact 7 steps I took to replace my corporate income in 3 months.  Not only to show you what really goes into achieving success as a Busy Mama but also so you can start taking steps towards YOUR vision of success today!

The best part is, you aren’t going to have to do anything crazy complicated, because taking things and making them simple is what I’m all about.  

Are you ready...

to start growing your income without increasing your hours?

With this ebook, you will learn:

  • The exact 7 steps I took to grow my biz fast while protecting my flexibility so that you can follow them too
  • The actions that you can take - clearly mapped out so you can learn from my story and start implementing today
  • What it really takes to grow a business as a Busy Mama (hint: the secret isn't facebook ads or huge email lists)
  • The mindset shifts and strategies that you can adopt to stop staying stuck and start creating your vision of success
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