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How To Be More Unicorn:
The Magical Life Template

For the Mama who is ready to embrace her Inner Unicorn


Are you ready to be MORE UNICORN?

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  • Would you like to learn how to live a more magical life?
  • Do you feel your life and business are lacking that sparkle and shine?
  • Is it time for you to embrace your fabulousness?
  • Have you imagined what would be possible if you let your love light shine bright?
  • Would you like to feel like you can't even sneeze without glitter sprinkling down on everyone around you?

If any of these are ringing true for you, then this template is for you!

Here's what you get:
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  • 11 page workbook, designed to connect you with your Inner Unicorn
  • 11 minute “I am a Unicorn” guided meditation
  • PLUS: A Dash of Woo so magical it will blow your Unicorn socks off