Hey my love!

How would you love to receive little voice memos from me?

I’m talking mini mindset shifts, flashes of inspiration, snippets from my manifestation diary, the occasional impassioned rant from atop my soapbox and of course the odd inappropriately funny story thrown in for good measure… because we’re besties.

From business magic to Bridgerton, bras and mid-afternoon baths, we’ll talk about it all.

Let's be clear though...

I’m not creating anything fancy or polished here. These are unscripted, unedited, unfiltered downloads from my soul (and you know, just silly shit too sometimes) in their most raw format.

You might have to deal with the wind blowing down the microphone while I message you from a walk.  I might be interrupted mid flow by my daughter asking if she can go on Roblox (again).  We’ll have to deal with my annoying kettle that beeps incessantly to let you know it’s boiled as I message you while I’m making my morning tea.

Hell, I might even be taken by the whim to send you a voice memo from the bath.  It’s where I get my best ideas after all.

I think you can deal with that though 😉

And there will be no predictable schedule here.  I might upload a voice memo 3 times in one day and the next week nothing at all.  

I think the unpredictability kind of makes it more fun though, don’t you?!

So, Bestie, are you in?


Still not sure?

If you made it this far and didn’t click a glorious shiny button, it’s because maybe you have a question or two.

I get it. This isn’t a familiar offering, is it?

You know me, when everyone else zigs, I like to zag 🙂

So here are some questions you might have, answered:


Do I have to pay for this?

Nope! This is an entirely free gift of connection from me to you. You just need to sign up to opt-in to receive these so we can send you a link to your private Biz Bestie Voice Memo feed.

What exactly is this though, Cori

It’s little voice memos – short audio messages – from me, your biz bestie, sent via a private podcasting channel. You can listen to these Biz Bestie Voice Memos on your favourite podcast player.


Is it like The Limitless Mother Podcast then?

In a word: no.

The podcast is where I bring you carefully planned, value-packed, 30-60 min long, beautifully edited episodes every Tuesday like clockwork.

Whereas the Biz Bestie Voice Memos will be just like receiving a random voice note from your bestie, sent in the moment with no planning or editing, when she has something really juicy to share. No schedule, no predictable length, raw and uncut.