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10 Ways To Start Attracting the RIGHT Followers Who are
READY to Pay

Do you want to use social media to build a tribe of ideal client followers who engage with your content and are ready to buy from you?

  • Are your social media followers predominantly your ideal potential clients? Or are your followers largely made up of people doing the same thing as you and/or your family and friends?
  • Do you find yourself scratching your head as to why you are getting little or no engagement on social media?
  • Are you unsure how exactly to go about building a tribe of the RIGHT followers who are ready to pay?

Well lady, you are in luck!  Because this is exactly why I created this Find The Right Followers checklist!

Within a few months of creating my social media accounts for my coaching business I was able to build a loyal tribe of engaged followers - predominantly made up of my ideal clients - who were so ready to buy that they started reaching to to ME before my first ever sales post.

But I know that cultivating the right followers is not always so straightforward.  Years ago, before I was experienced and qualified in social media strategy, I had an Instagram account and really struggled to grow my audience and thus, struggled to monetise (because you can’t make money without people who want to buy!).  So I know that without the right strategy and tactics it can be extremely frustrating.

That’s why I have put together this checklist of 10 easy ways that you can start attracting the right followers to your social media accounts today!  

The best part is, you aren’t going to have to do anything crazy complicated, because taking things and making them simple is what I’m all about.  

Are you ready...

to start attracting the RIGHT followers who are READY to pay?

With this checklist, you will learn:

  • The exact 10 tactics that I used to attract the right followers to my social media tribe so that I could grow my biz and serve more women that you can use too
  • Tips and tricks which help you to use language which attracts and speaks directly to your ideal clients so they know you “get” them and are ready to work with you
  • Methods to increase engagement with your followers and other ideal clients so you can deepen that relationship and warm those leads right up
  • How to find your ideal clients on social media so they can discover and follow you and ultimately, buy from you!
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Are you ready to start using social media for success?