Hey, I'm Cori

I’ve made it my job - as your self-appointed biz bestie - to let you know that you are...

I teach mother business owners – like you! – how to use energy instead of effort to create results (results like a booming biz, bulging bank account and balanced life).

I'm all about...

Treating life and biz like a fun game, tearing up the rulebook, never taking myself too seriously and using my feminine energy to create results.

I'm not about...

Hustle, grind or sacrifice (ew!  swear words around here.  And not the good kind).

You can find me...

Doing a stupid dance to make my daughter laugh, wearing comfies, enjoying a mid afternoon bath, dazzling my mastermind clients with my coaching magic and watching Netflix with the hubs.

My daily rituals…

Morning mindset routine (Every. Single. Day.), yoga with my girl Adriene, savouring my morning tea in my favourite mug and dancing to R&B while I cook.

I love helping women learn how to become magnetic AF...

…to their ideal, soul-aligned clients, make sales on repeat (often even in their sleep!) in a way that feels amazing (no ickiness around here) and start living their Limitless Lives already.

And I’m a massive believer that as mothers we are the gatekeepers to the next generation.  Which means that when I help empower you to earn more money, you’ll not only use the abundance you create for good (being the heart-centred type I know you are – I don’t attract a-holes!)… but you’ll pass on your abundance mindset to your kids.  

Imagine a world in which people have been raised to believe in abundance instead of fighting for lack…? WHOA **mindblown**

But I haven’t always been over here living
my Limitless Life, oh no.

Rewind back to September 2016.  In the same week that my daughter started school… I found out my job was at risk.  Talk about the rug being pulled out from under my feet!

Fast forward a bit through a ton of stressing, worrying about what to do, a period of 6 weeks recovering from a hysterectomy in the middle of it all and let’s talk about July 2017 and the day I walked out on my 10+ years at the Investment Bank.

I had no plan.  No idea what I was going to do...

But I did have one thing: A fire in my belly. Something had ignited in me.  It started with me feeling pissed off, if we’re being honest.  

Like ROYALLY pissed off.

I’d been looking for other jobs and was met with compromise at every turn.  You can have a fulfilling job OR a good salary.  You can have a decent wage OR flexible hours.

Essentially: you can be the kind of mum you want to be OR have a fulfilling and well paid career. This, to me, seemed like bullshit.

So there I was, walking out of the office and along the path through the park to my car for the very last time with no plan but something better than a plan: I had a mission.

I was going to create something for myself.  Something that didn’t require compromise.  Something that lit my soul on fire, allowed me to be the present Mama I wanted to be to my daughter and something that paid me well.  Like, REALLY well.

And then, if I managed to pull that off, I was going to make it my mission to help other mothers do the same.

And then?...

I was an overnight success.  

Lol, well sort of but not really.

Then I had a period of unemployment, uncertainty and detours until October 2017 when I made shit REAL and invested in myself.  In a big way.  

I invested in a coach.  I invested thousands of pounds in myself as a statement of “I’m really doing this!”, as a way to shortcut my way to success and despite it seeming to make no financial sense.  Did I mention I was unemployed?  I probably didn’t mention though that we were knee deep in financial commitment to massive structural renovations to our home that we’d started before I lost my job.  Money was flying out left right and centre and the severance package I’d received was all but gone.

But I did it anyway.  I chose to trust myself.  And that, my love, was one of those pivotal moments.  Because it set a precedent for trusting myself.  

And I have consistently invested in myself in a significant way ever since.

So now you know the context

So when I tell you that I replaced my corporate salary within 3 months of launching my business, now you know the context.  I’d been unemployed.  I’d been scrabbling around doing that thing of consuming ALL the free content.  You know, because you’ve been there too maybe?  Signing up for all the ebooks, webinars, checklists and challenges.  Consuming content but taking very little action.  Or farting about with fonts a lot, convinced that if you could JUST find the right font combo for the website you’re too afraid to publish THEN you’d be successful.  Well, that was me at least.

That all happened before you see.
Before I hired the coach, got over myself
and launched the damn biz already.

But then?  

WHOOSH!  Like I said, I went from zero to replacing my corporate salary in 3 months. The first time my business made any money, I made three (THREE, count ‘em!) sales in one day… And the penny dropped.


What did I realise?

I had been working consistently on my mindset and that was the moment I got it.

THIS is what it really takes. I had been looking in all the wrong places.  Convinced there was a silver bullet or magic pill to be found in the perfect webinar strategy, the perfect funnel, the perfectly crafted piece of content.  Convinced that all the 6-figure entrepreneurs out there had a secret they were withholding.

Now I knew the truth: There WAS no silver bullet. But if there was, it was this:

The great separator between the successful and the struggling. The thing.  The thing that makes the true difference. I had been working on my mindset and now it was paying off, BIG TIME. Needless to say: I was HOOKED.

I was doing 5 things (my 5 hacks for making limitless money) that were changing the game for me. So I kept doing them.

    And then?

    I replaced my corporate income within 3 months of launching my biz

    I doubled it within 7 months

    I celebrated my first 5 figure cash month in my 11th month in biz

    I scaled by business to 6 figures a year and beyond

    I celebrated my first £20k cash month while taking time off in France (then followed it with a second consecutive £20k+ cash month)

    I did all this while working max 25 hours a week 

    In 2020 I reduced my hours by 40% and still added £24k to my revenue

    I want this for you too

    You see, I know that we can have it ALL: something that lights us up, time with the family, time for ourselves.  And money.  Lots of it.  I know that we get to decide.

    Are you ready to be Limitless, Mama?

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