5 Signs your pricing needs to change

When was the last time you changed your prices? Or even reviewed your pricing structure? If it has been more than 6 months... you definitely want to read this blog post! I'll be sharing the 5 most common signs that I see that are telling you (screaming at you??) that it's time to take a good look at your pricing.

Because better pricing?

Yep, that means more money... but it ALSO can mean attracting the RIGHT clients... getting paid your WORTH and working LESS.

Cool, right?

Have a read...

One of the first things I generally work on with my private clients is their pricing.

Not just because it is the hands-down FASTEST way to bring in some extra cash.

But also because I am yet to meet a woman who isn’t undercharging.

Let’s just let that sink in for a minute.

Not one.

Sadly, that’s just how it is.

So having coached numerous women through price reviews, I could (and probably will) write an entire blog post on WHY you are reluctant to review your prices…

But for now, if you need some help getting that head out of the sand…

If you want to make some more money already…

Then let’s look at 5 of the most common signs I see which indicate that your pricing isn’t right.

1. You seem to keep attracting nightmare clients

You know, the high-maintenance ones… who always just want One.More.Thing.

Or the cheap kind, the ones that make you chase down invoices several times, feeling increasingly awkward and – for some reason – more guilty with each follow up.

Or the kind who quibble over your prices, expecting you to reduce your prices… then expecting more from you than you originally agreed.

Or the “you-should-be-at-my-beck-and-call” kind who send you an email, then an hour later, send you another asking if you’ve seen the first, then call you twenty minutes after that… their problems always “urgent” when there is something for you to do… but who NEVER get back to you promptly when you need something from them.

I could go on.

Got any of these ^ ^ ^ ?

Well guess what, my love?  Your pricing is, in all likelihood, ATTRACTING these clients.

Want to know how to start attracting ideal clients, who don’t quibble over pricing, who happily pay you on time – or even early – and respect and value what you do for them?

Yep, you’re going to need to change your prices.

2. You aren’t making enough money

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

But despite that, it is amazing how often women come to work with me, wanting to make more money –

Feeling like we should be working on:

– their sales skills (which we of course do)
– their strategy (yep, we do that too)
– their mindset (durr)

And while all of these things are EXCELLENT things to focus on…

The QUICKEST way to solve the problem of you not making enough money?

Is to raise your prices.

Just sayin.

3. You are working too many hours

Now too many hours will look different for everyone.

But by too many hours, I mean that you FEEL like it is IMPOSSIBLE to grow your business because to do so would mean working more.

And between the business and family life, you feel like there is barely anything – often nothing – left timewise for you.

If that’s you, my love…

You need to raise your prices.

Yes there are things we can do such as find ways to streamline, automate, set up a new revenue stream (ideally passive!) or two…

But know what those projects are going to need in the short-term?

Yep, MORE time.

So the quickest way to free up some time, so you can set about implementing all of those things and come out the other end the proud owner of a business that supports YOU (not the other way around)…

That is truly flexible and is set up in a way that means you can just decide to take off Thursday afternoon because you feel like it…

The absolute FIRST step in that little plan, has to be:

Raising your prices.

Get more money in for the hours you’re doing.

The rest will follow.

4. You haven’t raised your prices in a year or more… or worse: ever!

Is this you?

Don’t avoid my gaze.  I see you.

And it’s ok.  

I get it.  Raising your prices throws up all kinds of mixed feelings, right?

But I have to call you out on this.

None of the reasons [excuses] you have for not raising them stand up.

Not a single one.

That’s just how it is.

(And believe me, I’ve heard them all).

I know you are afraid.  

I know you are worried that people won’t pay.

You’ll be left with no work, no clients, no money.


But that’s just a story.

Not facts.

The truth is, if you raise your prices (and do it the right way, we’ll get to that part in a sec), you’ll get the right clients, more money and be able to work less.

So enough with the excuses.

It’ time.

5. People have told you you’re not charging enough… and you ignored them

Have you done this?

Oh my goodness, I have witnessed this happen So. Many. Times.

In Facebook Groups, in person…

Someone mentions their prices…

Someone else leaps in with “What?  You should definitely be charging more!”

And then….


If someone – anyone – has ever told you that you need to charge more.

You do.

Don’t brush it off as you would a compliment.

As if somehow it is a social nicety, something people say but not really true, not really meant for you…

Listen, for they are speaking the truth.

And I’ll say it one more time, in the hopes it sinks in:

You should be charging more.

OK, you got me Cori: I need to change my prices… now what?

Well, the first thing to understand is that there is the right way to set your prices…

And the wrong way.

Let’s start with the wrong way.

It involves things like:

– Googling pricing formulae
– Looking at what competitors are doing
– Just tentatively raising your prices by 5%


NOT a good way.


Well, the reason why this is the wrong way to set your prices…

Is the very same reason why you currently have a pricing problem…

None of these things address:  your Pricing Mindset.

Because it is your Pricing Mindset that has caused you to undercharge…

It is the reason why you feel weird about raising your prices…

It is the reason why you can simultaneously feel afraid of under-earning and worried that you’re overcharging.

Now –

The RIGHT approach the approach I created and which is tried and true, I might add – is to come at your pricing from two angles:

Strategy + Mindset

No point having some stellar pricing structure if you have zero confidence in charging those prices, right?

Because guess what?

If you lack confidence in your pricing… people will sense it.

They won’t pay.

They’ll try to get a discount.

Or they’ll just walk away presuming the lack of confidence means you aren’t good at what you do.

Want to learn the RIGHT way to price your offers?

So that you attract the RIGHT clients, get paid RIGHT and work the RIGHT number of hours?

Then you simply MUST join me for my Perfect Pricing Masterclass

Oh my days it is going to be so so good.

First part: Masterclass.  I teach you everything you need to know about pricing the right way.

Second part: Workshop.  I coach you – live! – through creating your new pricing structure.

Third part: Implementation.  You walk away with a new pricing structure and a plan to make it happen.  Yep, that means strategy + mindset.

You get to charge your worth, sell with ease and feel GREAT about it.

No more under-earning.

No more worries about overcharging.

Just confident pricing, supporting your business (+income!) growth.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Click here to sign yourself up or find out more.

We do this – LIVE! (I mentioned it was live, right?!) on Thursday 26th July at 7PM (BST).

Can’t make it live?  No worries, Mama, email me your questions, I’ll answer them for you and send you the replay.

I can’t WAIT to help you start charging your worth, attracting great clients, making more money… and even having more time.

See you inside the Masterclass!

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