5 Signs That Your Money Mindset is Holding You Back From Making Sales (+ What You Can Do About It)

You started this business so that you could work from home, flexibly around your family, right? But if your worries about money and finding clients or making sales has you stressed all the time, then you aren’t thriving.

And if you aren’t thriving, your business won’t thrive.  And round it goes in a cycle.

So let’s break that cycle.

It starts with your Money Mindset.

Is money tight?

Do you worry about where the next sales are coming from?

Do you find yourself wondering why you just can’t quite make a consistent income from your business?

You started this business so that you could work from home, flexibly around your family, right? But if your worries about money and finding clients or making sales has you stressed all the time, then you aren’t thriving.

And if you aren’t thriving, your business won’t thrive.  And round it goes in a cycle.

So let’s break that cycle.

It starts with your Money Mindset.

What is Your Money Mindset?

For the uninitiated, your Money Mindset is your relationship with money. Your beliefs, attitude, philosophies about money.

But more than what you *think* you think about money…

your Money Mindset is what your subconscious is telling you about money.

And more often than not, we hold many limiting beliefs about money. Things which we tell ourselves which don’t serve us.  

Which hinder us.
Which hold us back.

Because your relationship with money infuses almost everything you do in business.  

Yep, it’s that big of a deal.

It is the underpinning, the underlying current of so much that we do.  But often we are oblivious to the impact that our relationship with money is making on the outcomes we are creating.

The good news is, we can address the negative aspects of our money mindset.

We’ll get to that in just a sec, but first, let’s talk about those 5 Signs that Your Money Mindset is Holding You Back from Making Sales…

5 Signs to Look Out For

1. Your Discovery Calls / In-Person Sales Conversations Fail to Convert Consistently

What is your sales conversion rate?  I.e. if you did 10 sales calls, how many on average, would sign up for your product or service?

Do you even know?

If you aren’t tracking this, that’s a sure sign you’re burying your head in the sand.  In which case read on.

Or if you do know and the figure is not great, you should read on too.  

If your money mindset isn’t serving you, you will find it hard to convert those sales conversations into sales.

So when a potential client asks you how much it will cost them to enlist in your services / buy your product…

… or when they voice some objections over the cost

… or when they say they need to think about it

If you squirm and feel uncomfortable talking about money…  

If you aren’t yourself sold on your worth and the value you provide…

If you feel guilty for taking money from someone…

If you feel like you HAVE to make this sale because who knows where the next one is coming from…

That will all come out energetically in the conversation you have.

The other person will subconsciously pick up on that energy.

It will be WAY harder to convert.

2. You “Can’t Afford” To Invest in Your Business (Or Yourself)

If you have considered any of the following:

  • Hiring a VA

  • Hiring a copywriter/web designer

  • Hiring a coach/mentor

  • Studying for a qualification

  • Enrolling in a training programme

  • Hiring a cleaner

But you told yourself you “can’t afford it”.  

That right there is a sure sign that your money mindset is getting in the way of you making sales in your business.

“But wait a minute Cori!  What on earth does hiring a cleaner or a mentor have to do with making sales?”

So glad you asked 😉

All of those things on the list, ALL OF THEM, can have an indirect (or direct in some cases) impact on your sales.

Any of the activities that would leave you with more time, mean more time for selling or otherwise engaging in money-making activities.

The other items in the list are likely to give you skills and/or support which would improve your confidence in yourself and this in turn will translate into improved sales.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you should take out a loan and go and do every single thing on the list today.

The chances are, there is at least one of these items is standing out to you. One which you know, deep down, would have a positive impact on you and your business.

But at the same time, if you are reluctant to spend that money – especially if you are telling yourself that you can’t or you shouldn’t – then that’s a pretty clear sign you need to work on your money mindset.

Because what you are really telling yourself is that…

… money is in short supply, there is a lack of financial abundance
… you aren’t deserving or worthy of investment

These are both lies.  They WILL hold you and your business back if you don’t work on them (talking from personal experience here!).

3. You Aren’t Selling Often Enough

How often are you posting sales posts, with a clear call to action on social media?

How often are you sending emails or calling potential clients?

How much time each day you to dedicate to sales related activities?

If you aren’t engaged in sales activities DAILY (or at least every day that is a working day for you), then you need to work on your money mindset, my love.

You might be worried about seeming pushy… about looking like you’re all about the “hard sell”….about scaring off your audience…

What often underlies these fears is a discomfort about charging and receiving money and a fear of judgement.

But if you aren’t selling, you can’t expect to make sales.

When you and money become cool with one another {note: money is already cool with you, you’re halfway there!}, when you start to feel fine – good even – about receiving it and asking for it…

… that’s when you will be comfortable with going about your daily sales activities.

… that’s when you will be comfortable talking about what you have to offer and how it will benefit your potential clients.

And that, my friend, will lead to more sales.

4. No One is Buying Your Products / Services

If you are putting offers out there and getting silence and tumbleweed in return, then sure you could:

… look at whether you conducted sufficient market research
… make tweaks to your landing page, to your FB Ad
… puzzle over the content you shared on the webinar or live training…

And you might find some things there to change.

But if you struggle time and time again to sell anything, the chances are your money mindset is at play.

Chances are you are unwittingly closed to receiving.  Unwittingly repelling the very thing you think you want.

Subconscious limiting beliefs around money could be sabotaging you by manifesting as self-limiting behaviours: failure to notice opportunities; failure to consistently promote your product/service; failure to get visible… etc.

And when you are asking for the sale, whether that be at the end of a webinar or training, in some written sales copy, in person, your energy will be tainted with these negative beliefs around money.

5. You Aren’t Following Up

Following up on a potential sale will look different depending on what kind of business you have.

It could be putting in a call or sending a follow-up email after a sales conversation.

It could be sending an email about an “abandoned cart” to an online potential customer.

However it looks for you in your business, follow-ups should be a natural and regular thing.

Here’s why…

Depending on the type of product/service you are offering and the price, it can take between 3 and 11 online interactions with your brand before someone commits to buy.

And if your business relies on discovery calls/sales conversations, you should really know that:

“80% of sales require five follow-ups after the initial contact, but 44% of salespeople give up after one.”  In fact, only 8% of salespeople follow up 5 times.  

If you aren’t following up regularly, it is most likely because you don’t want to seem pushy or salesy.

Because you are afraid to impose.

That fear likely stems from, yep you’ve guessed it, your money mindset.

Ok so we’ve found the 5 signs to look out for in your business, now what can you do about it?

What You Can Do About Your Money Mindset

This could (and might be soon!) a whole course in and of itself.  But that shouldn’t put you off getting started.

Here are some tips to start turning the tide on that Money Mindset and start making more sales.

1. Work on Cultivating an ABUNDANCE Mindset

We are more often than not brought up with a Lack Mentality.  Feeling like there is never enough. 

Start to notice when you tell yourself things about money that stems from this place of “lack” rather than “abundance”.

Start to notice a more positive side of money.  Notice whenever money turns up in your life.  Be grateful for it.

Tell yourself affirmations to help reprogramme this belief with one that serves you better, such as “The universe is infinitely abundant”  or “money flows to me quickly and easily”.

2. Reconnect to Your WHY

Read this blog post about how to Reconnect to Your WHY to Make More Sales.  Start practising this directly before any sales conversation or before sitting down to write a sales post.

3. Work on Your Belief In YOURSELF

So often our unhelpful subconscious beliefs stem from a feeling of unworthiness.  From a feeling that we don’t somehow deserve wealth, treats, investment, self-care etc.

Come up with some beliefs that you think would serve you better, even if you don’t believe them yet.

They could be as simple as:  “I am worthy” or “I deserve to be financially abundant” or “it is OK for me to desire or receive money”.

Make a list of great things you’ve done with money in the past.  It could be things like treating yourself, in which case connect to how relaxed/happy/joyful you felt as a result.  

It could be things like providing fun experiences for your family.  Connect to how you felt being able to spend that time together.

This will help you to realise the good you could do with money, for yourself and for others.  This helps you to see that you are indeed deserving of money.

There we have it: 5 signs that your money mindset is getting in the way of making sales and 3 things you can start doing to improve your money mindset.

I’d love to know how you get on trying the 3 tips!  Head over to my free Facebook Group – Self Made Mothers – and tell me all about it!

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